Creation versus Evolution

God created the world in 6 days of 24 hours each about 6000 years ago. Evolution says it took Billions of years and happened by chance.

Consider the following:

There is the ‘Big Bang Theory’ which postulates that mysteriously without any supernatural intervention, there was a mighty explosion which caused the formation of all that is around us. As to life, this was mysteriously generated out of non-life matter and from a most simple cell, gradually over untold billions of years, the different plants, animals and eventually man evolved.

This is not a new theory but goes back to the time of Babylon. But it was Charles Darwin who recorded this Theory of Evolution in the 1850’s when it was reckoned that the earth should be between 25 and 100 million years old. As they found more problems in the Theory the age of the earth lengthened to 1600 million years by 1930, to 3 ½ billion by 1940’s and now to some 5-5 ½ billion years. All these years would then supposedly make room for the mysterious developments of the different species and explain the many things which otherwise they feel could not be explained. Darwin himself admitted that this was ‘the Devil’s Gospel’. And it is none other but this.

There is no proof whatsoever of these vast ages and they are mere calculations to allow for problems that cropped up in the Theory as it was developed over a time.

The Evolution Theory does not allow for any Divine intervention whatsoever and therefore removes God from the scene. This therefore does away with the Fall and Sin of Man, and therefore the need of Redemption. Christ becomes just another person whose death was entirely senseless and the Theory makes Heaven and Hell purely myths of the long ago past.

Take away the long age of the earth and the Evolution Theory falls flat on its face.

Incidentally there’s not just one ‘missing link’ but over 30,000 of them and the Evolutionists have yet, with all their extensive research, to be able to find one missing link. Is that not amazing? Is it not amazing, if man was the last creature to develop, that the missing link between man and the ape is so mysteriously gone? Surely the most recent link should be the most plentiful and most easy to obtain?

How could non-life create life? Let us go to the simplest single bacterial cell that can exist on its own, and it therefore has the least amount of DNA (which are the foundation stones of life). We find that this simple cell can do 6000 chemical reactions over 1 000 000 (1 million) times in a single second. That surely is extreme complexity. One human cell stores enough information to fill 30 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica, 4 times over. (So says Pieter Pelser of Stellenbosch in his Book ‘Evolusie en die Bybel’). Surely this speaks of a Super Intelligent Being and not of mere random chance.

The likelihood that Evolution could have taken place to leave us with the complexity we see around us, is being described by various Scientists as the same likelihood of a whirlwind blowing through a Scrap Metal Yard and leaving behind a full assembled Boeing 747.

But as to the age of the earth we give a few arguments:

1). The gas pressures in oil wells would not have been possible if the earth was more than 100,000 years old, because that pressure would have escaped completely through the sedimentary rock over a longer period.

2). The earth’s magnetic field was measured for the first time accurately in 1835 and regularly since then, noting that it continues to deteriorate. Without going into too much detail, we can say that it is measured at 0.6 now and was about 1.8 at the time of Christ, 6 at the time of the Flood which was about 2350 BC and about 12 at the time of Creation 4000 BC. If we calculate back to 8000 BC the field would have been the equivalent of about 100, the earth a magnetic star and your body would have been ripped apart. The magnetic field is one of the powerful arguments that the earth is young. At a magnetic field of 12 man could not only live very comfortably but with longevity as well as therefore much health and strength.

3). We can measure the heat of the earth and we know that is loses heat all the time and that the sunlight is not enough to keep its temperature stable. There is a nett heat loss and we know that within 40 million years, the heat loss at this rate would make the earth completely ice-cold without any heat from within.

4). We know that our moon is still warm and that it is cooling down much faster than the earth. If it was so old it should have been ice-cold way below freezing point long, long ago.

5). On the moon certain radioactive isotopes were found by our astronauts and they were still active. They could only have a maximum life of 750 000 years which tells us that the moon could never have been older that that.

6). The moon moves away from the earth at the rate of 4 cm per year and if we want to bring this in reverse, then within the space of 1.2 billion years the moon would touch the earth. Now that is completely impossible. The closer it comes to the earth it would break up and if it comes much closer than what it is at present, say reducing its distance of 240,000 miles away from the earth to 50,000 miles, then it could still stay in orbit but massive tides would flood the earth completely from one side to the other and surely this must tell us that the moon cannot come much nearer to the earth than what it is at present and it could never have been much nearer to the earth. The point is that these arguments do away completely with the argument of billions or even hundreds of thousands of years.

7). If the moon were as old as millions or billions of years, there should be a very deep layer of dust on the moon. This is known as cosmic dust and there were Scientists who believed that there would be a layer of dust between 50 –180 feet but when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, that layer was simply not there but only a few thousand years worth of dust.

8). The rate at which the rivers carry the sediment into the ocean has been measured quite accurately and the amount which they have deposited into the ocean has also been calculated and show that this does not account for more than about 5000 years, therefore more or less from the time of the Flood.

We can go on and on for there are over 100 geo-chronometers that show us that the earth is very young and many of them pinning down that age to no longer than the Biblical account of 4000 BC


Next month we will, God willing, consider the implications of this further.

News June 2007


For more than 10 years now we have been humbling ourselves before the Lord, seeking His face for the gracious outpouring of His Spirit upon us and His Church at large. In the process we have searched Scripture diligently and endeavoured to direct our lives as well as our ministry in terms of what we have found there. During this time the Lord dealt with us extensively and we have made many precious discoveries as we wrestled in prayer while searching the Scriptures.

We humbly and sincerely believe that the time of God’s gracious visitation upon

His Church is at hand. With this in mind we are ready to share what the Lord has shown us and want to seek to create awareness of true Biblical Revival and at the human level promote and facilitate it as much as possible.

By no means do we seek to infer that we know everything about Revival but we know that there are many of God’s sincere people seeking for this gracious outpouring of the Spirit upon His Church.

We do not think that in this quest for Revival there is necessarily strength in numbers, but it is our desire to create a broad base of awareness and sharing concerning this glorious and essential event. Thus we would be encouraging one another bringing about a focus on this great need in the Church, effective prayer for it and a new look at the Book and at the glorious achievements of our Lord Jesus Christ. Revival is none other than Jesus glorified and that will be our aim.

With the above in mind, four members of Gospel Outreach namely: Pastor Hector Matyumza, Reverend A R Sylvester, Reverend E Vosloo and Pastor T N Vosloo have agreed together to form the South African Association for Revival. This was launched on Pentecost Sunday, 27th May 2007 at our morning service. We expect that there will yet be at least two further signatories outside of Gospel Outreach to the newly drafted constitution for this Association.

This letter is addressed to you, and you may pass it on to others who may also be interested, to affiliate with this Association. Please email us should require a copy of the extracts from our constitution. To affiliate does not constitute any financial liability, nor are you expected to subscribe to our constitution but to the deep and desperate need of Revival.

Affiliates will have their names placed on a special mailing list so as to receive Newsletters and articles together with other matters of interest concerning Revival. As opportunity offers, the members will arrange for conferences and special meetings on Revival and affiliates will be invited to join these conferences, as they are able.

We are starting with a very small group of people to whom this Newsletter is being mailed but we expect that, as the Lord prospers this, there will be a true spread of the ‘fire’.

This is no platform for us to attack any Church or promote a particular ‘pet doctrine’, but to have our hearts united in seeking the Lord for what is most desperately needed in the Church of God. We are certainly unable to give proper execution to the Great Commission unless we once again have the mighty visitation of the Spirit of the Lord. That is what we are seeking.

We shall also make ourselves available to receive invitations to address meetings on Revival and thus share with Churches what our Lord has taught us over these years.

You may feel free to telephone either myself or Trevor concerning any further information you may require.

Although the Association shall be managed through the intermediary of Gospel Outreach it will be far more broadly based, which is also the reason why we have been discussing matters with two other prospective members to join with us in this. Their initial favourable response has already been received and we shall advise their names to you when arrangements have been completed.

To affiliate means that you are declaring your vital interest to have Revival in the Church of God, that you are committing yourself to daily prayer for Revival and, as the Lord enables you and quickens your heart, you will share with suitable people this particular burden and vision for the Church of God. You therefore incur no liabilities relative to the Association but a particular responsibility before the Lord while having the opportunity to be part of a network pursuing Revival and exchanging useful information concerning this and being encouraged in your prayer life.

If this is your sincere desire, then you are invited to email us your personal details for us to be able to send you further details.

With warm greetings in Jesus Christ,

Yours for Revival,
Eddie Vosloo


‘His Name is as ointment poured forth’
(Song of Solomon 1:3)

Remembering at this time the crucifixion of our Lord and Saviour, our minds go back to that greatest event of all ages, yes even of eternity, and also that which is recorded immediately prior to His sufferings.   

In this respect we now refer to the account of Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, bringing her very precious ointment, breaking her alabaster box, pouring out this costly anointing on our Lord Jesus and wiping His feet with her hair.  (Matthew 26:6-13 and John 12:3-8).  We also look at the painful comment made by Judas namely: ‘to what purpose is this waste?’  Jesus immediately linked her act of deep love and devotion, to His pending death.  We do the same today.  

Her ointment was precious but we are redeemed by much more precious blood as we read in I Peter 1:19 and in chapter 2:4,7 we see that Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone and to us who believe He certainly is most precious.  

In Song of Solomon 1:3 He is prophetically referred to as having a Name which is ‘as ointment poured forth’.   

We can say that Jesus is God’s great and most precious ‘Alabaster Box’ poured forth for our sins and iniquities.  This fragrance of the work so great and so precious, still ‘fills the house’ of our Lord and particularly at this time of remembrance.

 We find the accounts of His suffering and death recorded by the Gospel writers but in Psalm 22 we see and read it as if He is speaking Himself.  He says: ‘But I am a worm and no man; reproach of men and despised of all the people’.  Not only was He despised by the people, but deserted by His own friends.  In Gethsemane we see Him being ‘sorrowful and very heavy’ and saying ‘My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death…’  Luke tells us (22:44) ‘…in an agony He prayed more earnestly and His sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground’.  Could we ever grasp the agony of His soul when He looked deeply into the bitter cup of sin He had to drink and cry to the Father, if it were possible, to let the cup pass from Him?  Nevertheless fully yielded He would empty the cup pressed to His lips.  Meanwhile His disciples were sleeping, oblivious of His agony.   

Betrayed by a disciple and denied by the leader amongst the disciples.  Falsely accused by lying witnesses and judged guilty by hypocritical jealous clergy condemned by a godless governor.  Yet He opened not His mouth.  Buffeted, spat upon, beard and hair plucked out and His back ploughed open by the whip.  The robe, the reed, the crowns of thorn and the object of ridicule of the soldiers.

 Esteemed of no more value than the price of a slave, 30 pieces of silver, valued less than a murderer released in His stead and reckoned together with criminals.  

In His own words we can say: ‘all they that see Me, laugh Me to scorn:  they shoot out the lip, they shake the head…’ (Psalm 22:7).  

Then He is crucified and He cries out in verse 14 ‘ I am poured out like water, and all My bones are out of joint: My heart is like wax…’ Parched and with a tongue swollen to fill His mouth He says in verse 15 ‘My strength is dried up like a potsherd; and My tongue cleaves to My jaw…’ With every nerve strained and gathering His last bit of strength He cries out: ‘I thirst’.  Never was there a thirst like this for it was not just bodily thirst but deep soul thirst for the souls of men.

 ‘My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?’  This cry from Matthew 27:46 is the opening call of Psalm 22.  Utter amazement, utter rejection, incredible loneliness in His death, yet, when He cried out: ‘It is finished’ the great work of our salvation was finally done.  

God’s Great Alabaster Box was emptied completely.  He was emptied not only of all of His Divine splendour, power and privileges but of all His humanity and was brought down into the dust.  Never was there or will there ever be a deed to equal this.  Never was there a greater price ever paid and we start understanding the pertinence of His question in Mark 8:37: ‘What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?’  Only one exchange could be made and that is this outpouring of the most precious ‘Ointment’ namely all of the Life of Jesus Christ.  

This brings us to the question: Was this a waste?  Have I availed myself fully of the benefits so dearly purchased for me at Calvary ?  If I have not accepted Christ as Saviour, if I am not daily availing myself of the power of the blood and the glory and beauty of the Name of my Lord, then to that extent Calvary was wasted on me.  Yet we rejoice to know that there is a great and glorious harvest awaiting our Lord and that one day He will look upon the travail of His soul and be satisfied.  (Isaiah 53:11).   

There is another picture that we briefly want to bring to mind and that is of the ‘sweet incense beaten small’ that had to be taken by the High Priest into the Most Holy Place together with fire from off the altar which was at the entrance to the Tabernacle.  See Leviticus 16:12 etc.  This incense speaks of the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was incense ‘beaten small’ to bring out the fragrance.  Jesus was ‘beaten small’ for us on Calvary .  This brings to us anew the fragrance of this incredible and most precious work done by Him.  Note what the High Priest had to do namely to fill both his hands with this sweet incense and bring that into the Presence of the Lord in the Most Holy Place .  

May we at this Easter Time, so to speak ‘fill our hands with sweet incense’, take all of Jesus, make Him and His precious work our own on a daily and even moment by moment basis.  Bring the sweetness of the Lord Jesus and the fragrance of Calvary , His sufferings and of His precious Name into the very Presence of the Lord our God.  We have the Mercy Seat, namely our Throne of Grace to which we come and the only way we can come is in the Name of Jesus.  But we also know this is the effective way, it is the most precious way and it is the only way.  Let us so to speak, daily fill both our hands with this precious ‘Incense’ and let the fragrance of Calvary once again permeate not only our lives but the entire House of God.

 May the Lord bless you abundantly at this Easter Time and may you know the wonder of His Presence in a way more real that ever before. 

Our Christian Duty

Message preached on the 6 February 2007 at Gospel Outreach by Pastor Trevor Vosloo  

Matthew 6:3-4 “But when thou doest alms, (giving to the poor), let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: That thine alms may be in secret and thy Father which seeth in secret Himself shall reward you openly.”

 Many Christians mistakenly think that this Scripture has to do with giving of their tithes and offerings to the Church. This is, however, incorrect. This is a very deliberate teaching on giving to the poor, which is our basic Christian duty and responsibility. Giving to the poor, must however be, over and above our tithes. Some think that instead of giving of their tithes to the work of the Lord they will just give to the poor, that too, is incorrect, we aught not to rob the work of the Lord.

 But clearly we can see from this Scripture that we have an obligation towards the poor. When we look at other Scriptures we see that this is re-enforced but also shows us that giving to the poor does not only mean the giving of money, but can also include the giving of clothes and food.

 James 2:15-17 ” If a brother or sister be naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you say unto them, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? Even so faith, if it hath not works is dead being alone.”

 So we see that giving to the poor includes food and clothes, and this Scripture again enforces the fact that it is our responsibility, as CHILD OF GOD, to give to the poor and needy.  

Who aught to give to the poor you may well ask? Simply put, everybody aught to give to the poor and particularly those who claim that Jesus Christ is the Lord of their life. For He, through the Scriptures already given, instructs us to give to the poor, and if He is your Lord you will obey Him.  

Many people are in desperate need, to whom should we give to first? This is a very important question which needs to be answered. We believe the Bible is clear on this matter.  

Firstly we should give to our own family members who are in need.

1 Timothy 5:8 “But if any provide not for his own, and especially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”   

Secondly we should look after the needy of the Church. Here we learn from the example of the early church. Consider Acts 6:1-7, Acts 2:43 -47,

Acts 4:34-35 “Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things sold, and laid them down at the apostles feet, and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.”  

Then thirdly one should give to others who have need, who are found outside the Church. Here discernment is needed on what and how to give, otherwise, it will be sold or used to buy alcohol or drugs as experience has shown us.  

Why is giving to the poor of such importance, is it just to relieve their need or is something else behind it all? Yes, it does relieve a need but that’s not all, it is for the glory of God. When giving to the poor, if done properly, opens the doors for these people to experience the love of God in a very practical way and therefore becomes a wonderful opportunity, at the same time, to share the Gospel. The giving, softens the heart and opens them up to receive the Gospel. Other religions have gotten onto this, and have the funds and means to provide food and clothes, and use this to win them for their false religion and god.  

Unless we, the Children of God wake up to our responsibility towards the poor, these people will be lost.  

There is blessing in giving to the poor, God watches and rewards the giver in His own way, and in His own time. Our giving also builds a memorial before the Lord, ACTS 10:4, and at Gods appointed time He will reward. But we must do our building… to the poor.  

What are you giving to the poor ?
If you were in their position, what would you like others to do for you?

On what, and how are you spending the money God has entrusted to you?
What if any, memorial are you building before the Lord?

We have many projects with the poor that you could help sponsor, some are highlighted on this web page