December News

Greetings to all in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the hope of all who will put their faith in Him. December is the month that we remember the birth of our Lord which is often overshadowed by all the activities which this time of the year demands. It is our duty, as Children of the Most High, not to neglect to keep the focus on Christ and to bring to all the true meaning of Christmas.

Report back on the Mission trip to the Philippines:

Trevor arrived late on Tuesday (6th of November) night at his hotel in Tagum City after over 30 hours of travel. The Wednesday evening the Seminar for Pastors and Leaders commenced and would run until the Friday evening (9th). Originally when Trevor left there was to be 4 sessions but once he started preaching at the opening service they increased the sessions to 11 for the period. God undertook and granted the messages and training that He had in mind for them. There were about 100 people attending with  many pastors from different churches. 90% of these Pastors have had no formal training so this was the first time they ever sat under any kind of Bible training. Their hunger for the Word of God was amazing. Many had travelled far at great expense to themselves to attend. Poverty is a great problem there. It was hot and humid but these people sat through 5 sessions a day without complaining just to hear the Word of God.  One of the Pastors invited another man who they had been witnessing to for years to attend on the Friday afternoon as he wanted prayer. The month before he had tried to kill himself by stabbing himself in the stomach, this was all made known to me only the day after. That afternoon I was teaching on how to preach a Gospel message he came under conviction, understood what it means to be saved and accepted the Lord. Praise God. The hunger for the Word was very noticeable feature of my time there. After the seminar the Pastors was begging my host and translator for me to attend there different churches. As a result I managed to go and visit and preach in another 6 churches which brought, together with a time I spent at the children’s feeding and my final address to about 20 local Pastors, my meetings to 20 in 8 days. Wherever I went to preach of the Pastors from the seminar followed me to hear the Word of God, sometimes there was up to 8 following, travelling sometimes up to 3 on a motor bike to hear the Word of God, this at great expense to themselves, which can only be properly understood and appreciated when you understand there extreme poverty.   There is great need of funds for the work there. They run a number of house churches which are growing but are unable to move into a church building due to lack of funds. To build a church costs US$1000 (R7000) but such funds are not available to them. The one place we went to visit was a fishing village where the cyclone last year washed away the church and they have not been able to rebuild it. The Pastor there lost courage after that and gave up the ministry. So now these people have neither church nor a shepherd.   Our prayer is that these Pastors who attended the Seminar, who are zealous for God and His Word, that God will use that which they learnt over the period Trevor was there, to Glorify His Name, and to further His Kingdom.  They are asking and praying that Trevor will be able to return next year and do Bible training with these Pastors for 1 week and not just a 2 day Seminar. Do pray with us that we might be able to know what God is saying and for God to provide for this, such a trip would cost about R20 000.  They all from the Philippines send their LOVE and GRATITUDE for the prayers and the financial help to send Trevor to them; they say that they are ETERNALLY THANKFUL.


Report back on Amsterdam (South Africa):

Trevor arrived back from the Philippines on Monday the 19 of November and was the following weekend in Amsterdam, in South Africa, to take a conference on the Family. The conference was not very well attended but God still moved upon the people and did a work of grace there. He preached only twice but God used both messages powerfully and left an impact amongst the people who did attend. Numerous requests have been already made by them and visiting Pastors for Trevor to come back to take more meetings.

Report back on Gospel Outreach:

The work has gone on amidst great Satanic opposition and attack both in our meetings and on our staff. BUT God has not failed us and HE HAS AND IS delivering us. Our attendances dropped a little over the past month but seem to be picking up again. We are slowly busy winding down of our week day meetings so that we can give our staff a well deserved rest. Wednesday the 12th December will be our last week day meeting until the New Year. Our Sunday Services will remain open as well as our evangelism in Orange Farm on Mondays. God lead us to start a work in Orange Farm doing house to house evangelism which according to our information has never been attempted in that area. It is proving to be very fruitful indeed. Originally we were going to go only once or twice a month but the work is so taking off we have to be there every week. The way the work is developing there I am sure we will shortly need to establish a church there. Praise God for this and do pray with us for wisdom and strength how to develop this work further.



We also urgently need new premises and ask that you pray with us for this as we need Gods guidance and intervention in this matter. If you can help us find premises in Johannesburg CBD or know of a suitable place please inform us.



Registration for the Bible College has opened for the new year. The College runs for 4 terms of 7 Saturday mornings each term. The subjects covered include Soul Winning, Ancestral Worship, Overview of the Old and New Testaments in which each book in the Bible is covered. These are just some of the subjects covered. End of each year a Certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete the year. You can currently take studies for up to 3 years.College fees are R1000 per year, including books, and bursaries are available on application. If you are interested in enrolling please call us on 011 336 3624 or alternatively Email us on Registration should reach us before 15 January 2008.

Looking forward in hearing from you.