February News

We greet you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ the hope of all nations. Our God is alive and reigns from on high and is worthy of all glory and honour. 

We opened our weekday meetings on the 15 January 2008 and right from the outset we encountered demonic opposition. We experienced this in the radical drop in numbers, lack of finances and the negative attitude of the people towards the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we soldiered on in prayer, God has been giving us the victory, one step at a time. We have noticed an increase in attendance and in salvations taking place both in our regular meetings and in the block of flats.  The battle is not yet over but victory is secure.

We welcome Gaye Reynolds from Texas USA (Amarillo Baptist Church) to our staff. She arrived on the 6 February 2008 and immediately jumped into action. Her contribution has already been felt by all. She has been very involved in our evangelism in the flats in Johannesburg and already experienced fruit on her labour. We do believe this is but the beginning of the harvest which must yet be gathered in the city. We have decided this year to report quarterly with more ready, reliable and interesting statistics. However, we felt the need to share with you a very interesting development which has just taken place and ask that you give the matter your prayerful consideration.  One must be careful what you pray. We have made a constant prayer that God would use our humble Bible College to thrust out workers into the field. God answers prayer. Stanly Futch was a 3rd Year Student at our Bible College last year. He is from Malawi and had all his legal documentation but was mugged in November and had all these documents stolen. He graduated last year top in his class. This is an extract from the letter we received last week from him:  “I write informing you that I was caught by the South African Police on the 2 January 2008. I was sent to Lindela Prison the same day. I stayed in prison for almost 3 weeks. I did not make a phone call to the college because they refused to give me a chance to call. On the 30 January 200 I was deported to Malawi, with dirty clothes, empty handed and just to mention a few. I arrived at the International Airport at 08:00 but had no transport (money) to go to my home town. I had to walk for 3 days, day and night. In Malawi theres no Bible Colleges to learn the things of God. You find a person is a pastor but is drinking, smoking and just to mention a few. Many people do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as well as the Holy Spirit.  I felt sorry when I arrived in Malawi to see people dying without knowing the Lord as a result I started preaching in the Market Places and a lot of people receive the Lord Jesus as their Saviour. But there is no church which teaches about salvation to direct these people to. Had it been that we have got money to rent a hall we suppose to open Gospel Outreach Church in Malawi. I myself and the souls I won, we suppose to do a serious work of evangelism. If you consider me I promise before the Lord to work hard and well.”  We believe before the Lord that we have not only an open door here but an obligation before the Lord. We boldly, contrary to our normal means of operating, ask whether you would like to join God at work and be the instrument God uses to help establish a Church and Bible College in Malawi. You can join God by joining in concerted prayer for the work and also financially supporting a team to go up. We are planning of going up either on the 1 April or 1 June 2008.  Should you wish to get involved or would like more details, please contact us as soon as possible. We will keep you up to date on further developments. God bless,   Trevor N VoslooDirector & Pastor 


1).  INTRODUCTION – What is Abiding in Christ.

(John 15:1-16)

When we speak of Abiding in Christ, we speak about the abundant, blessed Christian life.  The Bible, preachers, teacher and writers use different titles to try capture an understanding thereof and shed light on its blessedness.  They use titles like: The Sanctified Life, The Throne Life, Full Salvation, The Fulness of the Spirit, The abundant Life, The Victorious Life, Personal Revival and so on.

 We chose the title ‘Abiding in Christ’, because it is the very life of Christ expressed in and through the child of God.   

The word ‘abide’ in John 15:1-16 appears no less than 12 times (sometimes translated as ‘continue’ or ‘remain’).  It is the Greek word ‘Meno’ which means to abide, dwell, remain, to persevere, to stand firm or steadfast, to remain alive AND also means to remain patient toward things, circumstances and / or people.

 So abide in Jesus is to be alive in Him, to stand steadfast in Him and to dwell in Him so that only the life and beauty of Jesus be seen in me. A more fuller understanding of what ‘abiding in Christ’ will become clearer as we continue and you will see it encompasses all the other tittles given and even goes beyond that..



2).  THE TEST – My Current Position.

To enter into this life of abundance in Christ necessitates that I correctly understand and discern my present spiritual state. The test of my spiritual state is not gifts – they can be copied, nor correctness of theology – the letter killeth, nor visions, dreams or experiences, neither is the test your good works – for even a sinner can do good works.    

The test of spirituality is the ‘fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-26, Matthew 7:16,20) – not whether I think I have the fruit, rather it is a matter of the taste of the fruit by:

          a).  The Lord b).  By Others a).  The Lord: Is my life a blessing to Jesus?   Am I in a constant, loving relationship and communion with Jesus?  b).  Others: Do people want what I have?   

Am I a blessing to others?

Not only is it important that we know our spiritual state, but also there must be a hunger and thirst for more, a desire to know experientially, the fulness of the life of Christ manifested in me.

 ·        Do you long for more in your Christian walk?Then this life is for you!·        Are you tired of failure and defeat in your Christian walk? – Then this life is for you!·        Do you want to know the fulness and constant presence of the Lord in your life? Yes?  Then this life is for you!·        Do you long for absolute union with Christ?  Yes?  Then this life is for you! ·        Are you content with your spiritual state? Yes?  Then Christ has nothing more for you!!!