Personal Testimony

Nashukuru Mungu Kwa Kunipatia wakati huu ili niweze Kushuhundia yale a mbayo amenifauyia maishani Mwangu.Kwa Kweli Kuna raha unapomu kubari  yesu Katika Maisha yako, Kwani anatukuwa akikuelekeza wakati wote.  Katika wakati wa huzuni au furaha.  Hivyo basi Kama unataka maisha yako yawe Mazuri yesu yu akuita amesimama mlangoni auangoja umukariblshe.   Yuko tayari Kuanza safari nawe na hata kumaliza nawe ila tu jambo moja anataka wewe ufanye utumbu dhambi zako ili uwe mwana wake tena.

Mungu anaendoelea kunibariki siku baada ya siku na nina hakika kuwa ile kasi ameanza atamaliza vile, vile kwa wewe baili tu umukaribishe maishani mwako.

Nafura hi aendelea kumutumikia mungu hapa South Africa bali nakuwa nimetoka Kenya Kwani Mahari Popote ulipo Mungu yuko.  Nashukuru hata Gospel Outreach Church.  Kwa kunipatia nafasi hii Kwa Mtandao wa.

Mungu awabariki Nyote.

John Wanjiku

        South Afrika

Personal Testimony

My name is Priscilla Hugo.  I was born in Beaufort West in the Western Cape.  I am a single mother with four wonderful kids; three boys and one girl.  I grew up in a very religious home.  As a child I was very unhappy and full of anger and hatred.  At the age of eighteen years I ran away from home because I had had enough.  I stayed in Cape Town for about three years and had my first child.   After this I decided to move to Johannesburg. 

My life in Jo-burg was first class until I had my other children.  Life became very difficult because my relationships with men were all a disaster, and did not last long.  And for me I did not really bother myself with God because I was suffering, no job, no money, no place to stay, living on the streets.  My kids and I were fed at different soup kitchens. 

Why I did not really believe in God is because my life was going backwards and my first born child was taken away from me.  So my circumstances told me that God does not care about me and I believed the Bible was just a fairy tale.  Until God placed me in an abandoned building in the inner city of Jo-burg where there was no water, no toilet, and no electricity.  It was full of criminals and prostitutes.  I stayed three years in the abandoned building, with my children, before God brought me to a place where I had to make a choice about Jesus, whether to choose Him or to reject Him.  It was not an easy decision to make because there were a lot of things I had to get rid of.  I started feeling the emptiness within me and I chose to take Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. 

The devil was very angry with me leaving him, so he brought a lot of temptations, tribulations, and trials my way.  Many times I would fall but by His grace, God would come again and lift me up.  Then the Spirit of God started working in me and took the rubbish that was in me out and start cleansing me with the blood of Jesus Christ.  God started revealing Himself and His word unto me and then I realized just how much God does care for me and just how much He loves me.  My children were not attending school for one year because I had no money to put them in school.  God touched the heart of a family whom I don’t know and today my children are in a school of my choice and I am out of the abandoned building and stay in a house with another lady. I still trust and believe that God will one day give me my own house.  Even my oldest son, which was taken away, is back with me. 

Today I can say with confidence that the Bible is the true Word of God.  The Bible reveals the devil unto us as one who comes to kill, steal, and to destroy.  I have found this to be true because I have realized that he wants to steal my joy and peace which God has given me by stirring up emotions within me, and to take my eyes from God and to place my eyes on the things of the world.  But today I can sing with Great joy in my heart that I have fell in love with Jesus at the Cross of Calvary and all things are possible with God and I have learned to love and to forgive.  I have decided to fellow Jesus and no turning back.  The world behind me and the cross before me.  I am free from the bondage of Sin and Satan.  Praise God!

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Assurance of Salvation

We read in the Word of God, the Bible, that whosoever believeth on Jesus Christ shall be saved and inherit eternal Life, John 3:16. Here we see the promise of God is to all and for all who will turn to Jesus Christ that they can be saved and know that they are saved. These facts have moved people throughout the ages to go to countries far and near to tell them that God so loved them that He died for them and rose again 3 days later.

He compelled men like Wesley and his followers to conclude and be governed by the following four statements:1) All people should / must be saved.2) All people can be saved.3) It is possible for all people to know that they are saved (who have turned to Christ)4) All people should live in holiness to Christ, as a result of being saved.


One finds also the late Rev. Duncan Campbell in the Lewis Revival meeting with God and being convinced of:1) Christ willingness to save the whosoever.            2) The awful state of the eternally lost in hell.


These men where convinced of these facts, as we ourselves are and many others as well, and are driven by these truths. The reason why they, ourselves and many others are convinced of these facts is because the Word of God openly and clearly declare them to all who will take the time to read the Word.

This aught also to raise the questions: Are you saved ? If you die today were will you spend eternity ? Do you have the assurance that you are born again?

Jesus said that at the end of times many will be disappointed because they think that they are saved and Jesus will say away from me I never knew you. From His statements we see that salvation is more than just calling Jesus Lord or saying a sinners prayer but of knowing God. I know a lot about Nelson Mandela but I do not know Nelson Mandela. Same with Jesus you can know a lot about Jesus, but still not know Him. So the question is not really do you think you saved but do you know Jesus Christ personally.

If you have answered negative to any of these questions or have doubts you need to make right with God by Jesus Christ now and enter into a personal relationship with Him. Should you have any such doubts or fears please email us on and we will gladly send you our free copy of our booklet which will help you obtain an assurance of salvation and help guide you to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God wants you to have an assurance of salvation. God wants to save you. You can be saved. You will however need to turn to Jesus Christ. No one is so far gone that they are beyond God’s love and forgiveness. Maybe right now you fear that you have commit the unpardonable sin, the mere fact that you worry about it is proof that you have not committed it at all, for if you had, you would not be worried about you and God at all. I have seen harden criminals finding peace with God. Prostitutes coming into a saving knowledge of God. I have witness the good, the bad and the ugly coming into a saving knowledge of God and knowing that they are saved and then walking with Jesus and you can know it to. God is able to save you, if you will only but come to Him.

We looking forward in hearing from you.