Gospel Outreach

God has been very good to us over the past few months with many people turning to the Lord for Salvation. People from all over Africa come to our meetings and God is doing a work of GRACE in them. We have been very busy following up on all the salvations. We continue to evangelise and the Lord continues to bless.

We are convicted of the following facts:

1) All people must be saved.

2) All people can be saved.

3) All people must be saved.

As a result we want to continue to reach out, not just to Africa, but to the whole world, and that not forgetting South Africa. If you would like us to run an Evangelistic Crusade in your Church or Community please get in touch with us as we would be honoured to Proclaim the Gospel of the Living God there.

 South Africa, and for that matter the whole world, is in turmoil and it is only the truly born again of God who can offer hope, peace and an expected end to those in turmoil. The harvest is white, ready to be gathered in and if we put off it will spoil. In South Africa, like the rest of the world, false religions, false prophets and the like are emerging on every front and it is high time that we declare the truth of the Gospel in boldness and power of the Holy Ghost.

Should you be interested please feel free to contact us either via email, info@gospeloutreach.co.za or by telephone 011 3363624 or if phoning outside of SA 27113363624. We operate by faith.