Bible College

Registration for 2009 are now open. The College currently offers 3 years of study. Each year consists of 4 terms of 7 Saturday morning each. Exams are written the 7th Saturday of each term. Each term two subjects or modules are done giving a total of 8 modules per year. At the end of each year a certificate is awarded and after successfully completing each year the student is able to move on to the next year. We also run Sunday School Teachers Training as well as a basic Christian Workers Cerificate on request and with sufficient students.

 Some of the subjects covered in the Saturday studies are: Ancestral Worship, Soul Winning, Overview of the Old Testament, Overview of New Testament, Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Person and Work of Jesus Christ to name but a few.

The costs are minimal and burasries are available to those who can not afford to pay. Registration for college will close on the 25 January 2009. Please contact us for further details.


We greet you all in the wonderful and victorious Name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. 

It is with joy that we raise our ‘Ebenezer’.  This has been a year of maybe our severest trials in various areas, nevertheless it doubtless also has been our most fruitful year in harvesting hundreds of souls, adults as well as children, counseled in the way of salvation.  Our attendances have grown, particularly in our meetings on Wednesdays as well as Sunday Church and Sunday School services. 

While we humbly and deeply praise and worship our Lord for all His provision, we cannot overlook acknowledging the loyalty of our own personnel and their constant availability for service, even though it has been necessary for us constantly and severely to ‘muzzle the ox that treads the corn’ – a matter that causes us much pain.


The pressure of the year-end activities is upon us and we give you a quick overview of what is to transpire in the immediate future:  ·         Saturday 8th November – Challenge Newspaper and leaflet distribution in the city.

·         Sunday 9th November – our Friday Children’s Club will take the whole Church Service

·         Saturday 15th November – (a.m.) Year-end examinations for our Bible College students.

·         Saturday 15th November – (a.m.)  year-end party for our Sunday School children at Sonia and Trevor’s home.

·         Sunday 23rd November – Baptismal Service for our many baptismal candidates.

·         Saturday 29th November – year-end party for our Gospel Outreach personnel at the home of Trevor and Sonia.

·         Sunday 30th November – Graduation Service for our Bible College students.

·         Sunday 7th December – our Sunday School children take part in our morning service.

·         Thursday 11th December – our midweek meetings close for the rest of the year.Note that our Sunday 10.30. Services will of course continue unabated.

·         Thursday 25th December – our Christmas Day Service at 9.30a.m.

·         Tuesday 13th January 2009 – our midweek meetings reopen.      


It must be realized that we have a very strong influx of nationals from other African countries and at the moment we are busy training many who could go back to their countries and serve the Lord there.  In the process some very effective doors have opened unto us and the following will give you some idea of what must be considered and dealt with in the New Year:

i). Malawi: We have there our ex-student Stanley Futch who is continuing to win souls for the Lord and to whom we have been sending some funds to help him through.  We are trusting the Lord that we will be able to manage a trip to Malawi at the end of January and we are fervently looking to the Lord also to provide the funds (which we certainly do not have) to help him purchase a Church and be properly established at the very low cost of about R10 000 to R15 000. 



ii). Kenya: One of our trainees from Kenya has a great burden to return to his country and there start a work for the Lord.  He needs to be funded to travel there and receive a minimal salary to get himself going.  He is a mature child of the Lord and we have much confidence in him but we are trusting that the Lord will stir the heart of someone to thus partner in this work.  It should not be a very onerous commitment.  If the Lord has stirred your heart in this connection please be in contact with us. 

iii). Zimbabwe: The Lord is busy opening very effective doors for us with tremendous potential in this ravaged country and we are greatly desiring to take the message of Revival to God’s people there.  Please pray with us that the Lord will give us wisdom, guidance and provision in this connection. 

In addition to the above, there are other areas that are beckoning us but we are not in a position to speak any more definitely about them, waiting to see what the Lord is telling us. 


Our prior responsibility is here in Johannesburg and then further afield in our country as the Lord leads us. The Lord has been adding to our team of part-time workers (unsalaried) and we believe that the New Year may see further expansion in this respect.  

We cannot hide the fact that, while there are vast possibilities immediately at our doorstep, we cannot exploit these properly because of severe restrictions placed upon us.  The worst of this is doubtless the great lack of funding, together with a variety of, what we can only describe as Satanic attacks and oppositions.  Yet we believe the Lord has led us from one experience of victory to another in the midst of all the problems we faced.  In the process we have learned many precious lessons and we have no doubt of great and precious victory and blessings that are before us. 


Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who share in the vision of Gospel Outreach, namely simply to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ where we are and further afield.  You have supported us in your faithful praying and also giving and without both of these we would not have been able to have come thus far through a most difficult time. When we consider again the precious harvest of this year gone by and the Lord’s continued provision we can say together with David: ‘Thou crownest the year with Thy goodness; and Thy paths drop fatness’. (Psalm 65:11). Be encouraged to know that by your prayers and contribution you are sharing with us in this precious mission field where it is our joy and special privilege to serve the Lord and to expect His visitation in Revival blessings as we continue faithfully. May you and your loved ones experience a very blessed Christmas Season, knowing the joy of the Lord and looking forward to a New Year which once again he will crown with His goodness. With warm greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ,  Eddie Vosloo (Rev)DIRECTOR