Everything God has for us centres in Christ, that is as Christ crucified. Only as He is to us the Crucified One can He be to us what He should and wants to be. Clavary is our rallying point to which we must come all of our lives. In fact this is our greatest meeting place this side of Eternity. We dare not miss it.

1) Here I can meet my sins. Surely Numbers32:23 says” Be sure your sins will find you out.” This is God detective and it is only at the Cross of Calavary that I can afford to meet my sins as well as my sinfulness. Here the burdens of guilt and the power of sin have been dealt with.

2) Here I can meet with my sorrows, pains and all those heartaches, which are even unspoken. Jesus is the Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief. (Isaiah 53:2) He did not only take my sins but also my sorrows and my sickness and made them His very own.

Even as others hurt me and I come to gaze on the Cross of Calvary I learn to say with Jesus: ” Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. As I need healing from my hurts, I experience that healing streams abound at Calvary. Burdens pressing on me, I find are lifted at this place. After all, the great Burden Bearer Has already dealt with them.

3) It is at this Place where I can dare to meet with Satan. For here I meet with this mighty Prince of Evil on the terms that God laid down and therefore with the armour of God at Calvary in God’s appointed way. This is the Place of Satan’s complete defeat. Therefore it is our Place of Victory and we can appropriate all of Calvary and learn to live as more than conquerors.

4) When we gaze on Calvary the world– the present evil around me with all its temptations, has no more appeal. It is dealt with and I see God’s estimation of this present evil age and a value far greater and pleasures far more beautiful than this world can ever offer. Yes, this is another enemy that can be met at Calvary.

5) There is the further, far more subtle enemy dealt with at Calvary namely, the OLD CARNAL NATURE also called the flesh or the “body of sin” or the “carnal I”. That is this nature of sin, which causes me to sin.

We have a double problem, namely, the sins we do and the sinful nature that causes us to do sin. Calvary is the double solution to our double problem. Here we see that the old life cannot please God. It is the life of the flesh and because it is utterly corrupt, unable to please God at all, He took this into Himslef and to the Cross of Calvary. When He died, this old nature also convulsed and rebelled, but had to go. The Saviour took it, in His Body, straight to the grave. Christ died not only a violent death  but a vicarious death (therefore dying in our place) and in addition to this  He died a victorious death. The earth shook, the rocks tore open and graves opened up. So powerful was His death and so powerful was sin and sinfulness that he had to deal with.

6) It is also the only place where I dare meet with God. By the death of the Cross He reconciled me to God, made peace by His blood and we can say that “Gods anger burnt out on His Son at Calvary”. When I cast away all my own merit, my best works and even my best prayers and shelter fully and solely under the work of the Cross I can meet with God. Here God’s anger and His justice are fully satisfied. Jesus is the Rock that was cleft (split open) for me and when I shelter at Calvary, I shelter in Christ and He Himself covers me with His hand. In this life I dare not meet Him anywhere else but at this great Altar of Sacrifice.

7) Here I can therefore meet with the GLORY OF GOD. No man can see His glory and live and that is what the Lord said  to Moses in Exodus 33:20. He had to hide Moses in the cleft of the rock, covering there with His hand- see verses 21-23 and there, so sheltered, the glory of the Lord passed by. Therefore if we want to experience something of the glory of the Lord in our lives, CALVARY IS THE PLACE.

8) This is also thus, because it is a Place of Brokenness. Not only was Christ broken here but as we spend time and we look upon His Sacrifice and in turn see our own sinfulness, our pride, stubbornness and carnality in so many ways we start being broken. Christ was broken to the Will of God and he was absolutely obedient. This brokenness is a brokenness of will to the very will of God. When thus the Cross is applied to our life, no wonder the glory of God can come our way while we yet hide in the sacrifice of Christ. After all He is to us as sinners most glorious when He was on the Cross. Certainy, the Cross is and remains the Place of Glory. Here to humble broken heart the glory passes by ever so often.

9) So then we see that the Cross is a Place of Justice, judgment, wrath and revenge, execution of judgment as well then of pardon, liberty, victory and glory. Here all the scores of eternity are settled on this side of eternity.

10) Here it is that God’s rivers of love, grace, healing, blessings and supply flow ever deeper, fuller, more glorious than we can imagine. In fact we cannot imagine, but we can experience the cleansing deeper than ever before and a fullness beyond what we can experience before when we spend time at Calvary.

It is here and here alone that we can experience the Fullness of the Hole Spirit. This is found here and here alone where as a penitent, trusting broken sinner we humbly wait despairing of self and making our full and genuine surrender. Here we remain until we hear His quiet whisper: “IT IS DONE”.

When Abraham sent away Hagar and Ishmael (see Genesis 21) Ishamel was about to die of thirst when the Lord spoke to Hagar from heaven. In verse 19 we see that God opened her eyes and she saw a well (or fountain) of water and this saved their lives. It is possible that we thirst for many things and seek many blessings but we miss the message of Calvary. Even while we are seeking and crying, ask the Lord to open our eyes and we shall see in Calvary a fountain that is deep and wide for each one of us. May the Lord grant that we shall come and with joy draw water from this Well of Salvation.  (Isaiah 12:3)