Money Talks

Money speaks to many. If money did speak, actually it would say: “I am the root of all evil; I violate all the ten commandments in giving myself too freely. For me men have fought, sinned, bled and died, cried, laboured, and agonized! For me men have betrayed one another, merchants have sold their souls; the Sabbath day has been desecrated- employees have been compelled to work for me on Sundays- thus violating God’s laws.”

“For me (money) woman have sold their virtue, youth have dissipated themselves, and old men have become covetous misers. For me souls have been lost, crimes committed, theft, murder, falsehood, and every kindred of evil.  For me souls have forgotten that Christ said: What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Merchants have become greedy, covetous (which is idolatry) and have even WORSHIPPED ME instead of the living God!”

 “For me (money), fraudulent deals have been transacted, gambling has flourished, laws violated, God’s name dishonoured, and our youth sent on the way to endless hell!”

“I, money, can be used for good purposes, often I have helped the widow, the orphan, the church, the welfare institutions, and needy hospitals- but usually the sinners misuse me as he does everything else. It takes a Christian and a righteous man or woman to use me properly- for the glory of God

“For me, money, men’s souls have become warped, selfish and sinful, until God looks down with displeasure and says “Thou shalt not Covet.” Much hardship could be alleviated in the world if those who possess much of me would only use me rightly. True, as a medium of exchange, I am necessary, but the MISUSE and abuse of my intended use is a sin.”

The Apostle Paul says, “But thou O man of God flee these things; follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.” (1 Timothy 6:11).

Beware of becoming engrossed with riches, money, or its abuse. “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” It takes a righteous and Christian man to use money for the glory of God. “Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God and the Father by Him.” (Col. 3:17)

Impact Africa – Australian Team

It was a great honour for us to have had a team from Australia visit us for 2 days. During those 2 days God did wonderful things with many coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Thousands of copies the the Challenge Newspaper were distributed across the city. Only God knows how many more there where who could of responded to the Gospel which is presented in the paper.

Their team leader Carl Carmody spoke at 3 of our services and God used him mightily at those times. At the outreach service we had one of our biggest responses to the Gospel ever and we praise God for that as we know it is HIS doing. We have urgently started following up on all the people who reponded to the Gospel invitation. Do pray with us that we will manage to get to all these people and be able to disciple them.

We look forward in having them come again next year for another visit and know that in all the places they ministered in while in South Africa God has mightily used them and we praise God for them.


Recently I was told that by a Pastor that if they get 1 person to respond to the Gospel they so happy because that so seldom happens in their church. This got me thinking why is that so. Many reasons came to mind. It also struck me that many churches are not getting response to the Gospel because they not reaching out with the Gospel. You cannot catch fish if you do not throw out the net. A case in point is a Church I recently preached in, last had a proper outreach/ evangelistic meetings in 1997. They then wonder why numbers have dropped. We reach out weekly with the Gospel and we see the Lord saving people almost on a weekly bases.

Is your church reaching out with the Gospel ? When last has your Church had an Evangelistic campaign that lasted more than one service. It seems people want healing service at the price of Evangelistic services. Is not a greater miracle that men and woman come to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ than that the sick are healed? A sinner is dead in sin, rebelling against God. It takes a mighty act of God to save. The sick want to be healed…..the sinner without God’s grace does not want to be saved.

We offer training on Evangelism and also run Evangelistic crusades and if you and or your church are interested we would be honoured to run such a crusade in your church/ community or equip your church to do evangelism. If you are interested please contact Pastor Trevor on 011 3363624/5.

Interpreting Scripture

We are pleased to announce that we offer a new subject in our Bible College. We have found a great need among Christians in general concerning their ability to study and interpret Scriptures properly. As a result we have designed a course to teach people how to go about studying the Word of God and correctly interpretting it. We teach how to address different kinds of Scripture like parables, miracles etc. We will be running this course from 1 August for 7 Saturdays in our offices. If you are interested in getting more out of your Bible Study or are a teacher/ preacher of the Word we strongly recommend that you attend this course. If you are interested please contact Noeline at our offices on 011 3363624/5.

 Advance notice we will also be offering a 9 month course on becoming a Sunday School Teacher. This course will be offered from the new year. All are welcome to enrol.