December Newsletter

Dear Friends in the Lord Jesus Christ,

We greet you in the Name of Jesus whose incarnation we celebrate this December, who is the Hope to all who put their trust in Him.


             I returned from Texas on the 18th November after being away just over 6 weeks. It was truly a blessed trip. I thank all those who prayed for my family and I, while I was away. I had the privilege of sharing, in detail, about Gospel Outreach in some 8 Churches while I was there. I was also privileged to have been able to meet many Pastors whose hearts beat as ours. Many have promised to join hands with us as they are able.


            I was very warmly received by all and those who spoke to me after the presentations, were filled with joy and excitement to hear what God is doing in Johannesburg. (If you would like us to share with your Church please let us know.)

             A special thanks must go to BJ Greer and Dyana McIntyre, as well as their families for making such a trip possible. Also a special thanks is due to River Road Baptist Church and their Pastor, Micah Meurer, for hosting me while I was there.              It was truly a blessed trip and I praise God for making it possible.  




The work under the leadership of Stanley Futch continues to prosper. There are now 12 churches under his leadership. All operate under the name of Gospel Outreach. Here is an extract from the latest email we received from him:

‘In  Malawi,  people  are  still  coming  in  all  the  churches,   and  God  is  using me a lot if a person  has  got  demons,  most  of  time  when I start praying I  look  at  the  person, I  know  when a person has got a demon. If I pray in the name of Jesus, the person falls  down, crying  and  if  I  KEEP on praying in  Jesus Name  the  person gets  delivered. Also  the  sick  not  all,  but  I  can  say  that  90%  they  got  healed.  I  need  you  very  much to come  to Malawi and see what  God  is  doing.’Love,     Stanley



Please pray that the Lord will make it possible for us to visit him early in the New Year as more training and support is urgently needed there.


Satan has not let up at all on his constant attacks in the Mission and on each staff member. We have realized that Satan is not trying to stop us or hinder us in the work of the Lord. He is set on trying to destroy us with him throwing many potential death blows at us. He attacks us by drying up our finances, hardening peoples hearts against the Gospel. He has attacked with ill health, problems, discouragement, family crises and the like. It has truly been a dark year in the mission in this regard. But why does he attack us in this manner?

I believe it is because we have the potential of touching the whole of the continent of Africa with the Gospel, as Africa is coming to our doors with about 6 or 7 different countries represented in our meetings. People come from the DRC, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria and we have been in contact with people as far north as Benin.

            I believe that Satan is attacking because of the grace of God being poured out in the city centre. We are seeing some amazing Trophies of Gods Grace.  Satan has no option but to try quench it or else he loses his hold in the city.


            I believe Satan is wanting to destroy us also because of the requests across this country and Africa for us to train Pastors who cannot otherwise receive training.

But above all I believe Satan wants to destroy us because God is about to pour out His Spirit in Holy Ghost Revival, in responses to over 12 years of crying, daily, for Revival. 

            Please stand with us in prayer and or in any other way He may lead you to.

Kids Club (Fridays)

            We had our year-end function for Kids Club on Friday the 20th November. We had 89 children attending and a fun time was had by all. God has really blessed this ministry over the year and we have seen it grow. It grew not just in numbers, but our children grew in Christ.

Feeding (Wednesday)

 We praise God that we were able to serve over 6177 meals this year. This despite the fact that from one week to the next, we do not know where the funding would come from. People receive the meal on a Wednesday only if they have attended our Gospel service, prior to feeding. There is an extremely high turnover of people in this service, so we can conservatively say the Gospel has been presented to over 2000 people in our offices this past year. Responses to the Gospel 

            We have had, directly from our preaching, over 614 responses to the Gospel this year. (This is again a conservative number.  In fact it is more.) We praise God for this as this is His doing and all the Glory goes to Him. Follow-up is extremely difficult due to large turnover of people. Some have gone back home, to Zimbabwe, Malawi or even the homelands in South Africa. Others have just disappeared. We offer a discipleship course, via correspondence to these who have responded and thus we are able to follow up with them. We praise God this is yielding much fruit.

Bible College

            We are having some 14 people receiving certificates for having successfully completed some or other course in the College. The Graduation service is to be held on the 6 December. We are planning some exciting new courses in our College like; Sunday School Teachers Training, Soul Winning (new and revised course), to name but a few. This College is truly proving to be a tool in the hand of our Lord to thrust out workers into His Kingdom.

If you are interested in joining or you know others who would be interested, please feel free to contact us.

We are having many requests to open Bible Colleges in South Africa and other African countries. Each place is without access to formal Theological training. Please pray that God will supply the means for us to do this. We have the material and the vision.

Important Dates

We will be closing our weekday services for the year on the 10th  December. We will keep our Sunday Services open for the whole of December, Lord willing. We will re-open our weekday services on the 12th January 2010.



Christmas Day Service 25th at 09h00.


Christmas Greeting


This December, like other years, the world is wanting us to forget about the birth of Christ and concentrate on parties, presents and even Father Christmas. They have taken Christ out of Christmas and boldly proclaim it is XMAS. Let us not do as the world does, but let us rather honour Christ and use this time to share the true meaning of Christmas with the world.

May God bless you and keep you and may you have a Blessed Christmas and may the New Year be marked by His presence and blessing in your life.

Trevor Vosloo