The Bible College will be re-opening for the new year on the 30th of January. Enrolments are now open, we offer different courses as well as from this year a Sunday School Teachers training classes. Also for the 1st time we are offering a 4th year studies.

 In addition many of our courses have been revised and updated. First year students will start the year by doing Soul Winning which has a large practical section to it.

 We do also offer the following correspondence courses: Basic Discipleship, Gospel of John, Gospel of Luke and 1 John.

Enrol now many have been blessed, enriched and equiped by joining the College. 

Divine Truth

Meditate on this Divine Truth utter by a great Saint of old:

 Jesus who was never ever less than God, came to behave as though He was never ever more than man, that we who can never ever be more than man, might behave as if we were never ever less than God.

Consider it in the light of the beatitudes of Matthew 5.