Dear Friends,

God is good all the time, and does wonderful things. This year has started for us in the mission with many challenges, which have become the opportunities to see how great our God is. Due to financial constraints we have had to cut back on a number of our activities. We have used the extra time to humble ourselves before God, in prayer and fasting. It has proved to be a time of great refreshing and renewing.

Our Bible College re-opened and we have a small first year group of 7 people. One of them is an untrained Pastor seeking to be trained. I have been lecturing them on the subject of Soul Winning (which I started writing while I was in the USA last year.) This course has proved to be mightily used of God.It has a practical and theory side to it. The students get homework and this has proved to be very fruitful. One of the students lead 6 people to the Lord based on what he had learnt…PRAISE GOD.

Our kids club is again proving to be used of God in a mighty way. We only started it up at the beginning of February and are already at an attendance of 58 children per week. This has also had a great impact on our Sunday School on Sundays. The church service is also been blessed of God and numbers are growing weekly.

Our staff who face very real and difficult situation are busy arising by Gods grace to heights I have never before seen them arise to. God is in our midst and working and we praise Him for this.

Testimony of the Grace of God: A man came to me after our service for council. He had made a blood pact with Satan but know wanted Christ. Jesus set him free! “He came to set the captives free”

Prayer request: Our lease agreement for our premises is up for renewal. We cannot financially renew it but also they are now to small for us…for all with all our children. We need Gods immediate and urgent guidance and intervention in this matter and ask that you pray with us for God to guide and to intervene as HE deems fit.

Thank you for your prayers, love and support over all this time.


Trevor Vosloo

Director: Gospel Outreach