Our God is alive and rules over all. He is faithful and true there is none like Him. Our premises situation reached a crisses point this month.If we had no answers we would have had to shut down until alternative arrangements could have been made. We prayed to God in terms of His Word, Matthew 6:33, and stopped asking for premises and sought His Face and Kingdom. While praying God suddenly laid a proposal on our hearts which we made to our current Landlord. It was a brave and radical proposal. Well on Wednesday this week we got a phone call from them and they accepted our proposal…. Praise be to our God. This was truly a mighty miracle of our God. All honour and glory to HIS NAME.

Thank you to all those in South Africa, Malawi, Australia, USA, Philippines, who prayed with us, some even going to a dry fast for a number of days for God to answer.

We therefore believe that a “a little space of grace” (Ezra9:8) has been afforded to us so that we might have a”little reviving” (Ezra 9:8). We will endeavour to not take the grace of God in vain and will seize the opportunity God has given.


Porn – Help for Christians

There is in our day and age a remarkable increase in pornography and the easy access to it. Today one does not need to look for it, it finds you. This is to our detriment. With the increase in porn there has also come an increase in those who find themselves caught up in porn. Among those who are finding themselves caught up in the power of porn are Christians and Pastors alike. They have found it has become addictive and has intruded into just about every part of their lives. Alienating them from their spouses, invading their thoughts, imaginations, dreams and even their behaviour. They even find while making love with their own spouses their minds and imaginations go to the pornographic images stored in their minds. Many Christians find the guilt  and despair overwhelming. They find they are no longer transparent and find they have a secret life which they must escape to….the secret life of porn.

Dear Christian, there is hope and deliverance in Jesus Christ.

Porn and masturbation go together. Where you find one you find the other. Soon however, masturbation is not enough, and that which is seen in the porn must be acted out either alone or with the spouse. When the spouse is not willing they are either forced into it or such experimental acts are sought elsewhere, from others. Pornography is a terrible spiral which only leads downwards. The content of porn always turns more and more darker and heavier. A case in point: I was new in the ministry and a man came to me telling me he was a child molester. He had just been caught again and was on his way to kill his family and himself. While speaking to him about Jesus Christ, God put in my heart the word PORN. I started questioning him about it and he admitted that is where everything started. He came to Jesus Christ and was set free.

Dear Christian, there is hope and deliverance in Jesus Christ, when He said “It is finished” He meant it is finished for you to be delivered right here and now from pornography.

Here are some basic guidelines for any Christian seeking to be set free from the curse of porn. If you are not a Christian and seeking help please email me on I will share with you how you can be born again and be set free today.

Firstly, you must admit and agree with God that pornography and masturbation are sin. Until you see and understand it is a sin against God, your own body, your mind, your spouse there is no deliverance in Jesus Christ. Consider the following Scriptures: Matt.5:27-28, Lev.20:10-18, Gal. 5:19-21.

Next you need to see that God has provided for you in Jesus Christ full and free forgiveness and deliverance. Like He has forgiven you of other sins and set you free from them so He can, and will set you free from these sins to.

The next step is to get rid of all pornographic material and friendships. Don’t just throw your porn material away, for another to find, but destroy it, tear it up or burn it. Block your computer access to porn and clear your PC history.

Then confess as sin pornography and masturbation asking Jesus to wash you and cleanse you from these sins in His blood. Accept His forgiveness.

Now that has dealt with the sin but does not deal with the urges you still feel to go and look at porn and to masturbate. Maybe you have confessed many times but find, that you, like a dog return, to your own vomit. You have found with your confession the removal of guilt but not from the power of these sins.

Well the power of these sins is within you and me. Do not blame the devil. As long as you want to blame the devil you will never be set free.  It comes from this sinful nature within. The Bible tells us we are slaves to it. (Romans,6:16,Romans 7:14). You want to stop with porn and masturbation but you find you cant. (Romans 7:15). Jesus has provided for this. On the cross Jesus took into Himself our sinful natures so that its power might be broken and we can be set free from the power of sin.Romans 6:6 ” Knowing this, that our old man (sinful nature) is crucified with him, that the body of sin (sinful nature) might be destroyed (put out of action) that hence forth we should not serve sin.” This is what Paul meant when he said in Gal2:20 “I am crucified with Christ.”

You need to then, confess – agree with God that you have a sinful nature which is enslaving you and confess that Jesus on the cross took that very nature into Himself and put it out of action, that you might be free from its power. Then in simple faith ask the Holy Spirit to make this real. This kind of surrender might need to be made a number of times a day as the urges come. Not that it is “not working” but the Spirit is working this death in you and causing your willwhich has always given to porn to say NO. He is also busy giving you the victory over pornography and masturbation. Please ask for our free copy of our booklet “Abiding in Christ” and “Victory over sin” which will help you further.

Next you need to surrender to the Spirit of God to control you and to take over your life.

A prayer in which you claim back the ground given in your mind to pornography might be needed. Pray something like this: In Jesus Name I take back any and all ground I have given to pornography and therefore the devil, and commit my life to Jesus Christ.

Lastly you will need to have you mind renewed. Your mind still has all these images stored in them. The Word of God washes our minds and renews them. (Romans12:1-2). Not just casual Bible reading but Bible STUDY. Many Christians do not know where to start or how to start studying the Bible. If that is the case with you, please ask us for our free copy of our booklet “Growing in Quite Time” which will get you started. Also ask God and trust Him that His blood will cleanse your mind and keep your mind. It is also necessary to exercise self discipline and not allow your mind to wonder back to those pornographic pictures and images it is storing.

I trust you have found some help in this short article. If you have found help or you are wanting more help and prayer in this regard please feel free to contact me on correspondence will be kept confidential.