Conference on Revival

“…we do not well: this day is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace….” 2Kings 7:9

Over the many years that we have sought the Lord to “Rend the Heavens and come down” the Lord has, out of His grace, shown us great and wonderful things out of His Word on the matter of Revival. We, like the lepers, will not do well if we hold our peace any longer.


We wish to extend an invitation to all those who in some way, are associated with SA Association of Revival, to hold a Conference, at your local Church on Revival. We are burdened for Revival and to share that which God has shown us and would be honoured to be able to share this burden and treasures with you. We are not after money, nor big numbers, just for those who have a heart cry for Revival.


The Conference should not be less than 4 preaching/ sharing meetings. Each meeting should be planned so as to allow for time after the meeting for prayer, so that we can respond to God about what He has said to us. Additional prayer times could also be arranged if and where possible.


We would cover subjects like; What is Revival, How of Revival, Why Revival, Preparing for Revival,etc.


If you or your church would be interested in us coming to run a short Conference please feel free to contact us either telephonically or via email Please also feel free to pass this invitation on to anybody who you feel might be interested.


Please also click on the SA Association of Revival on our webpage to read the latest posting on revival.

Help – Guidance for Pastors/ Christian Workers

Being a leader of a ministry is tough and has many difficulties and traps. Often Pastors are left alone to run the work with little guidance and or help from others. We are well aware of these problems. We receive many requests from Pastors for training and help. As a result we will, by the Grace of God, start a regular email giving Pastors and Christian workers some words of comfort, encouragement,warning and guidance. Should you wish to receive this email please send us your details to . We will be sending out 1 to 2 emails a month. God bless

Thanks Giving Service

Sunday the 2nd of May we held a special Thanks Giving Service in which we wanted to honour and glorify God for all He has done for us. We thanked and praised Him not just for the premises He secured for us, but also for His goodness over all the years which He has shown us.

 It was truly a blessed time. We had a guest speaker, Rev.Brain Dennison, who shared a salvation message and a number responded to the Gospel Invitation. After the service we met for fellowship over a small meal.

 We thank all those who came from far to celebrate with us and others who could not make it but sent their best wishes.

All glory and honour to our Lord and God , Jesus Christ.