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We are truly thrilled to be able to offer a new and empowering course entitled: Basic Principles. Already many across the world have enrolled, it is free, and will help you to do the work of the Lord. Who should do this course….all who are in the work of the Lord and especially those who have never had any formal training.  After each chapter we send you an evaluation form for your completion and return. Once you have successfully completed the lectures we issue you with a Certificate from our College: Gospel Outreach College of the Bible. To enroll please send your name and email address to: and in the subject box put Basic Principles. Blessings

August News

Visitors from Australia

During July we had the repeated visit of a team from Australia under the leadership of Karl Carmody who is in charge of the printing and distribution of the Challenge Newspaper right across the world. They also took part in our personal evangelism, and preached at different meetings both on a Sunday and during the week.  In the process many souls were led to the Lord and doubtless thousands were touched by the effective distribution of the Challenge Newspaper with the enthusiastic assistance of their dedicated team. We certainly value their ministry and thank the Lord for that which was achieved during their brief visit to our Mission.

Our Visit to Malawi Your two directors undertook the long journey in their small car, loaded with two bicycles, groceries, foodstuffs as well as lecture notes and Scripture portions and are glad to report on a very blessed, fruitful and safe trip.  We managed to deliver the bicycles, clothes, food and more to Stanley and his wife Lydia (and baby Trevor) who were very, very appreciative of all that was given them.  We want to thank those who have made the various contributions of food, clothes and of course the two bicycles which will prove of inestimable value in reaching the different branches of a work that is growing and certainly owned by the Lord. We spent much time in training 30 leaders operating under our name in Lilongwe and were impressed with the quality of the people attending.  Stanley himself has matured into a well-respected leader with distinct authority, a zeal for the Lord and a willingness to receive guidance and learn from us.   Of the 16 branches we were able to visit only 4, because of the great distances and of course the limited time that we had at our disposal.  It was very sobering to realize that, to reach the one branch we had to travel some 75 kilometers of which more than half was on gravel roads becoming poorer and almost inaccessible.  Certain parts were extremely inaccessible with our small vehicle and that we managed to get as far as we did, was certainly the miracle-working grace of our Lord, carrying us through roads that are really only suitable to be travelled with a 4X4 vehicle.  Stanley reached these by cycle borrowed from others and would sleep over, thereafter returning home the next day when he visited these way out branches.  He really needs a motorcycle to negotiate these roads.   We were impressed with the joy that the people had in spite of their extreme poverty.  During the 4 meetings that we had, scores of people were counseled in the way of salvation and we were impressed by the dedication with which Stanley attended to all who responded to the Gospel invitation.   This is a fast-growing, widely spread work and we can certainly see the hand of the Lord upon the people there.   Perhaps the highlight for us was to have trained the leaders in personal evangelism and have them go out over 2 afternoons to do one-on-one counseling.  In the process they led well over 40 people to the Lord and on the Sunday, their Church service evidenced the distinct increase in numbers, arising from the evangelistic efforts of the days before. It is very clear to us that an early follow-up visit is very necessary but for this we need a suitable vehicle to negotiate the atrocious   ‘national’ roads of about 3000 km there and 3000 km back.  It is necessary that we visit each one of the branches but that certainly cannot be done unless we have a proper 4X4 vehicle to traverse the otherwise treacherous roads to reach these people with the Gospel.  They are people who otherwise will remain unreached for not even the many false religions are prepared to go as far as Stanley has travelled to preach the Word of the Lord.   Stanley has done much to invest in the leaders, teaching them from the materials that he obtained from us and examining them thereafter to be sure that they understood and also put into practice that which had been taught.  His wife is fully involved together with him and together they make a very good team.  Little 5 month old Trevor accompanied us wherever we went and he is a contented little baby in a home which is clearly dedicated to the work of the Lord. There are many, many children and a proper ministry amongst the children is imperative.  That is absent at the moment and needs urgent attention.   We stand amazed at the fruit of the work in Malawi and find ourselves compelled to invest, and encourage distinct investment in an area so receptive to the Gospel.

Most Urgent Needs For us to be able to capitalize on what is happening in Malawi, the following urgent needs come to the fore: ·         We need a minimum of 50 Bibles and would make our aim to facilitate the giving of about 100 Bibles in their own language – Chichewa – at the cost of the equivalent of about R60 each. ·         A motorcycle for Stanley has become an imperative. ·         Instruction, materials and training in children’s work.  Here is vast potential.  ·         A 4X4 vehicle for us to be able to reach them and take with such supplies as are needed. ·         Funding for proper buildings.  Only the main Church meets in a building purchased by us 18 months ago.  No electricity, no water and no pews.  They sit on mats on the ground.  All the other branches meet under trees. This work calls for much prayer and much detailed planning and distinct meaningful co-operation to establish it firmly and ensure that it can eventually prosper on its own.   Our visit was a very strategic one, which has challenged us and we trust that it is challenging all who read this report to pray more than ever before and to use such means as the Lord places at your disposal to become a partner with our Lord in this tremendous harvest.  Visit to Lusaka En route to Lilongwe we stopped over at Lusaka at the specific invitation of Bishop Katonga and over the weekend ministered at 3 services particularly to leaders and also to the unsaved, with a vast number responding to the Gospel invitation.  However, our focus remains Malawi where the earlier investment in a young man is yielding results way beyond what we could ever have dreamt of. Please visit our Photo Album to see photo’s of the trip.We trust it was a joy as well as a blessed challenge to you to hvae this very brief report on the way in which the Lord dealt with us over the recent while.With warm greetingsEddie Vosloo