We wish to congratulate one of our long serving staff members, Noeline and her husband Rhett Hill on their second Wedding Anniversary. We have seen how God has blessed their marriage, and our prayer is that He will continue to bless your marriage. God bless and love from the Directors and Staff of Gospel Outreach

The Day before Tomorrow

The Day before Tomorrow is the day in which we must decide about Jesus Christ. Neutral you cannot be. If He is not Lord and Saviour of your life you have rejected Him. He has set aside a day which is Today to receive Him as your personal Lord and Saviour. When He is your Lord and Saviour of your life it will be marked by 3 key new relationships. If these relationships are not real in your life then one should question the reality of your salvation. Many believe but no real rebirth takes place as there has been no real remorse for sin nor repentence. Just say a little prayer and you saved has become the order of the day. Paul tells the church at Corinth, “Examine yourself to see if you still in the faith.” These are the 3 key new relationships I must have entered into if I am truly born again:

1) A new relationship with sin. Before it never bothered you, but if Jesus is your Lord and Saviour then sin must be like a stone in your shoe or a dust in your eye. It bothers you till you get it out.  If sin no longers bothers you something has gone wrong.

2) A new relationship with the Word of God. When you are truly saved the Word of God become alive and very special. Be living daily by every Word that comes out of it. When last have you really ate the Word ?

3) A new relationship in prayer. Pray is alive with the presence of Jesus, you know He hears you and you have your petition. Sadly many cannot even pray for 5 minutes or even after they have prayed remember what they have prayed. Is that you? Is your prayer dead a battle?

How do you measure up? If you die today will you go to heaven? If you have doubts please contact us either on 011 336 3624 and speak to a counsellor (if in SA). Otherwise email us on and we will be glad to share with you how you can be sure you are born again.

Lectures on The Holy Spirit

We are pleased to announce that we will be running lectures on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit this coming term at our Bible College. All are welcome to join in, these will truly be life changing lectures. They look at the Holy Spirit from the Old Testament into the New. Attention is given to His personal working within the believer and in the world. DO NOT MISS OUT YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. If you want to enroll please let us have your details as soon as possible. Email us on . Lectures start 09/10/2010 and run for 7 Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00. Looking forward in seeing you.