November News

Greetings to you all in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. As the year rushes to its close, we rejoice in the goodness and wonderful faithfulness of our Lord to have brought us till here through many a storm, trial and consequential severe testing of our faith.  We give our Lord all the praise and the glory, for it is purely by His grace that we have come so far and we know it is also by His infinite grace that He will enable us to continue and to complete the course which He has set before us in this very troubled, sinful but most needy city. 


The Lord has continued to give us souls as we continued to preach the Gospel and on Sunday mornings just before the service commences, we give Discipleship classes to our new converts.  At present we have various ones who are interested in Believer’s Baptism and will be arranging, Lord willing, for a baptismal service to be held in the New Year.



Our Saturday Bible College has continued and we are expecting 12 students to graduate and be presented with their certificates on 5th December.  Of particular note was that we could train 11 prospective Sunday School teachers from our own numbers and from elsewhere in an intensive course presented over a seven-week period.  This has been most necessary, in the light of the great increase in the number of boys and girls attending our Sunday School.  We are looking at re-dividing classes and a certain restructuring of the Sunday School as from the beginning of the New Year.  In this connection we need guidance and we ask for your prayers in this respect. 


Of course you know by now that during our visit to Malawi the two directors trained some 28 -30 workers there and were glad to see the immediate response and fruitful results of teaching them the way of winning souls to the Lord.  Arising from the 16 branches that have been established there, Stanley has in the meantime baptized no fewer than 1833 converts, in September alone!  What a wonderful harvest and a tremendously fruitful field of operation.  Please lay hold of the Lord that His people there will follow Him faithfully and they will also understand the will of the Lord arising from their present special week of prayer for the Lord’s guidance into the future.


Our boys and girls

 It is very clear that the hand of blessing of our Lord has been particularly on the children’s work in the city.  At present we have attending our Sunday School about 65 children and we are certainly pressed both for suitable classrooms as well as available teachers and Sunday School materials. 


In addition the Kid’s Club run on a Friday afternoon is being attended by about 70  children with great enthusiasm and during September this year they made a wonderful presentation to the Church, showing how much they have learned of the Lord and grown in the knowledge of our Saviour. 


Visit to the USA

 Our Pastor Trevor has just returned from a 4-week blessed and fruitful visit to Texas in the U.S.A. where he addressed 10 Churches and was also privileged to be the opening speaker at the International Conference for Revival in Dallas Texas.  His message can be downloaded from the internet ( ). 


Sad News

 It is very sad to us that our faithful staff member of many years, Gladys Chakane can no longer serve on our personnel owing prevailing illness and therefore physical inability to even attend our services.  We have learned to love her, appreciate her and we continue to be in touch with her and pray for her as we know she is also faithfully praying for us.  We thank the Lord for such a wonderful and faithful servant. 


We are sad to record the passing away of one of our Board members, Sylvia Dlamini following a long period of illness.  She was in the past a faithful supporter and faithful in attending our business meetings as well as our worship services, even when her health was already failing.



 Our graduation Sunday, not only for our students but also for our Sunday School scholars will be held on the 5th December, after which our Sunday School will be closed.  On that day we are also expecting to have as our speaker Rev Chris Robeson from Coulter Road Baptist Church in Texas and we are looking forward to a great and blessed day. 


Our midweek meetings will close on the 7th December, but of course our Sunday services will continue unabated, and that also includes a Christmas service on Saturday the 25th December at 9.00a.m. 


Special thanks

 First of all to our Lord for His patience, faithfulness and loving care through what could well be described as the most difficult year of our existence. 


The stress of the year and the various trials that came our way, were borne also by our personnel and we record our great appreciation for the consistency and faithfulness of our fellow-workers who walked with us in the midst of all these testings.


When we consider the deliverance which the Lord wrought for us again and again, we recognize that there were many who were praying for us ever so faithfully and to each one of you, we want to record our most sincere appreciation.  Various of our friends have surprised us with donations and words of encouragement all of which we needed so badly and receive and accept, not as our due but as part of our Lord’s gracious provision to keep us in His service. 



 To all who read this Newsletter, our warm greetings particularly over this Festive Season, praying that the Lord will enrich you all in our Lord Jesus Christ so that this Christmas time will be one of a new and blessed walk with Him, leading you all into a New Year of fruitful service, joy and the very Presence of our Lord being experienced constantly in the midst of doubtless many trials which will also come your way.


Greetings in our Lord Jesus Chirst,


Eddie Vosloo