March Update

Greetings in the Name which is above all names, the Name of Jesus. We thank God for you and also for your faithfully support. These past few months have been very difficult in the Mission. We have faced attacks from within and without the Mission. Yet despite all this we still have, graciously experienced the PEACE of God. He has, through these difficult times, taught us many precious and wonderful lessons, which can only be learnt by going through the fire.


We are still seeing people come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Just this past Sunday 3 people responded to the Gospel invitation. We praise God for this.


We had a short mission’s trip to Lesotho last month and there saw well over 140 people respond to the Word of God. On the Sunday over 40 people responded to God’s Word with much weeping. Truly God moved upon the people.


Please continue to pray for us as we still face many challenges and obstacles. Pray that our faith will not fail and that we will know the leading, guidance and provision of the Lord.