April Newsletter

It is with joy that we greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and seek to give you a brief insight into the situation in the Mission at present (You are also welcome to down load a copy of the newsletter please click on the following link newsletterapril-2011.doc ):


Trouble and Triumph

 From the end of last year and well into the first three months of the New Year, we encountered the most discouraging, challenging and potentially damaging time in this Mission.  It seemed as if all the forces of Hell combined to seek our complete destruction.  While we knew that the Lord was with us, nevertheless our number of people dwindled and our funds dried up almost completely.  This was so serious that certain salaries remained unpaid for some time and we had to give serious consideration whether or not we close down the current premises and re-align the activities of the Mission.

 However, the Lord answered our urgent pleas for intervention and showed us where the hindrances were.  These were painful and ‘within the camp’, and were dealt with by His grace and in His wisdom. 


Actually immediately after this, it seemed as if the Heavens opened on us.  The Lord started pouring out His blessing, making provision for all our current expenditure as well as the arrear salaries.  Our attendances also started increasing until now.  Not only that, He has given us new courage and new vision and certainly ‘confirmed His people when they were weary’.


It is therefore with much joy, confidence and wondrous reassurance and awareness of the Presence and the grace of our Lord extended to us, that we joyfully go forward and expect even much greater things from our Lord.  Certainly, arising from trouble we give the message of triumph in our Lord Jesus Christ. 


Saturday Bible College

 Our Saturday Bible College had already been in operation in spite of all the uncertainties, and we have 7 students attending.  We are now launching a special training program (already written) specially designed for Pastors and other Christian workers.  This we will conduct on a Wednesday whereas the Bible College is operating on a Saturday morning. 


There is a desperate need to train Pastors.  So many of them who are in charge of Churches, with their helpers, are all without any training.  It is a vast field and we ask that you pray with us that the Lord will use this as a mighty means to multiply the Truth of the Word of God through us into many Churches.


Feeding the Homeless

 We were so short of funds that we could not continue feeding but we are reactivating this ministry with a variation and we are trusting the Lord prospers us in our special outreach to them.


The Children

  Our Sunday School has been much blessed by the Lord with numbers growing so much, that accommodation is becoming a real problem.  On top of this, we need more teachers and are looking for volunteer helpers even if some could come to us for a period of say three months at a time to share in this wonderful work.  This is becoming so important that we are giving serious consideration to starting the Sunday School at a time earlier than the Church Service so that we can accommodate more children and cater for them far more effectively. 


We have good relationships with various of the local schools and just a little effort would bring in more children than we could possibly manage at this stage.


Please pray with us in this respect.  This is a blessed and wonderful ministry with incredibly great potential. 


Evangelism, Outreach and Prayer 

 These are receiving new impetus and we are excited at what we believe that the Lord is going to do in this respect.  The training in personal evangelism is being given, and special outreach meetings will be arranged.  We are at the same time seeking to do all these in united prayer, involving the whole Church. If there are any other volunteers who would like to join us in evangelism, they would be welcome.


There are various matters the Lord has laid on our hearts and as they develop we will report further on them.


 The Lord has been very gracious in enabling us to support this work, with training, financial support and general guidance and encouragement  


We have been enabled to purchase a motor cycle (from funds specially donated for this) for Stanley Futch, in charge of the work there, and this has caused much joy.  Additionally we have received and remitted the donation of R3000 to purchase Bibles so urgently needed there.


Of special joy and blessing is that we can report having been supplied with funds specifically to purchase a vehicle which we can use in our many activities here but particularly suitable for our intended visits to that Mission field.  We intend to be there by the end of June and expect to be joined by some other workers from the United States whose Church sponsored the purchase of this vehicle.  However, we need some R20 000 to enable us to go on this vitally needed visit.  Please pray with and for us in this respect.  The converts continue to stream in and at the moment Stanley is ministering to no fewer than 3500 souls with the help of about 25/28 workers whom we trained the last time we were there.  The field is wide open and at the moment the false religions have not moved into these territories.  It is vitally necessary that we capitalize on the God-given opportunities there. 



 We continue to state quite emphatically that, for us to really become effective in this city, our country and beyond, we need the distinct mighty outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord.  This continues to be our daily prayer.  We wonder whether people truly realize how great is the darkness, ignorant bondage of traditional heathen practices and how mightily strong the devil’s hold is on the souls to whom we minister! 


Only this mighty visitation from the Lord will break this bondage and totally deliver souls from the depth of darkness to the brilliance of the light of salvation in Jesus Christ. 


Our Thanks

 Many of you have been a very special source of encouragement and financial help to us.  We continue to thank our Lord for you and as we go forward with renewed courage and fresh expectation it is because you have been faithful.  We praise our Lord for you and thank you for every word of encouragement and every deed of assistance you have afforded us.


May the Lord bless you richly and abundantly as you certainly share in this ministry and will rejoice with us when we together are ‘bringing in the sheaves’.


With warm greetings from all of us at Gospel Outreach,

Yours in the Service of our Lord Jesus Christ,


Eddie Vosloo