Newsletter November 2011

It is a joy to greet you at the end of this year in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Brief Overview

 This year has been marked by various serious crises be it financial, personnel matters or the actual personal experiences of our staff.  However, we rejoice in the victory that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ, His great patience with us springing from His unfathomable love, and hence His glorious intervention on our behalf again and again.


There is no doubt that our Lord has continued to enrich us, enabling us thus to have a deeper and closer walk during this time. We have certainly learned to walk more by faith than before and we are at the same time seeing the results. 


How glad we are to conclude this year on a high note of praise for what our Lord has done, what He is at the moment graciously doing amongst us and in particular our great expectations of what He is yet going to do. 


You have all been part of this walk, having supported us with your contributions as well as your prayers and encouragement.  For this we are deeply thankful and trust that you will rejoice with us in the wonderful goodness of our God. 

The USA Trip



Pastor Trevor has just returned from a 5 weeks trip to the United States and we are glad to report that this went very well.  Our praise goes to our Lord for the blessings flowing from the trip and we extend our sincere appreciation to those who facilitated this and accommodated him in the United States. 




 The blessings continue in Malawi and we can report that during the month of September over 6000 souls were ministered to at some 20 Church meeting places.  The work is large and requires our constant faithful intercession on behalf of Stanley Futch, his wife Lydia and some 30-40 fellow-workers.


Their main meeting place is the only venue where we have a building and we report that storm damage caused part of the roof to collapse.  However, we are so thankful for the donations sent to us to support this work and as a result we could send enough funds to repair the damage and strengthen the structures of the building.


Money is coming in for Bibles and we hope soon to supply them with a very meaningful number of copies of Scripture. 


Key Dates

 We have had various half nights of prayer and our last one for this year will be on Thursday 17th November (Doubtless past by the time you receive this letter).


Guest Services held on various occasions during the year were of great success and we have the final one on the 20th of this month when Pastor Shelby Deatherage from United States will be our guest preacher. 


The celebration of our Sunday School year end will take place on Sunday 4th December when we shall also have the Graduation of our various college students. 


Our Midweek meetings will conclude on Thursday 8th December and re-open during the week that the schools re-commence. 


We are arranging for a special week of prayer, particularly for our personnel commencing the week of the 9th January.  We are greatly burdened to know the gracious moving of the Holy Spirit amongst us and realize that, unless we prevail in prayer, we certainly will not prevail in the ministry.  You are invited to continue to pray with us all the time and particularly during that week.


Sunday Services will continue as usual at 10.30 a.m. as well as on Christmas Day. 


Outlook for the Future


 We are seeing the Lord at work and are expecting great things in the New Year.  In fact His Presence to us is so real that we are expecting to see Him working even during this holiday time in spite of the closure of our midweek meetings.


We are confident in our God and know that there is opened unto us a great and effectual door even though there are many adversaries. 




 Once again our very sincere thanks for your interest, prayers and support in different ways.  May you know the joy of the lord, particularly over this Christmas season and may His Presence be a wonderful and glorious reality to you.


With warm greetings form all of us at Gospel Outreach,



Yours in Christ






Eddie Vosloo (Rev)



Outreach Service 20 November

You are invited to join us on Sunday the 20 November for a special outreach service. The service starts at 10:30 and is followed by a meal. The special guest speaker is Rev. Shelby Deatherage from Texas. Do come and join us you will be blessed.