USA Visitors

It is with great joy that we will have with us in February the Rev Glenn McCathern and his wonderful wife Jan, who has visited us a number of occasions before.

Rev McCathern will be speaking at our Bible College on Soul Winning on the 18 February, all are well. The lectures start at 09:00 and end by 13:00. It is free to all. He has been doing extensive evangelism in Brazil as well as in many other countries across the world. You will be blessed.

Rev McCathern will also be preaching at our Sunday morning service at 10:30 on the 19 February.

Do come and join us and be blessed.

Malawi – April Trip

This April, God willing, we (Gospel Outreach Pastor and pastors from Cross Roads Pampa Texas, will be heading off to Malawi on a mission trip. The objective of the trip is to distribute Bibles and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will also be showing the Jesus Film at nights and doing some training with the Leaders.

Should you wish to support us either in prayer or financially please feel free to get hold of us at


There is often much debate over the subject of election, but consider this:

God’s elections are always in the interest of humanity. Gods elections are always in order to inclusions, and never to exclusion. If He elects, it is not that He might exclude others, but that He may elect those through whom the others shall presently be included.

Consider Abraham, he was elected so that the NATIONS OF THE WORLD could be included.

Enroll NOW!!!!!

Enrollment for our 2012 College year ends 4 February. If you have not yet registered or are wanting to now is the time. The College offers 4 years of study. The lectures are held Saturday mornings. If you are interested please feel free to contact us.