Gospel Outreach – Premises

Greetings in Jesus Name!

God has been good to us over the past few days as we have seen a number of people respond to the Gospel. We praise God for that. The Bible College opened this past Saturday and we start Kids Club this Friday.

We over the years have shared with you the ups and downs of our many problems with our premises. A number of years ago we faced the reality of closing down due to insufficient funds. At that time we lived out Matthew 6:33 and also asked you to pray with us. God made a way by reducing our rentals by 50%, literally a few days before we would have given notice and lost the premises.

Our premises have not been ideal over the past few months. We have grown on Sundays and the place is now too small by far. We do not have enough space for all the children on Sundays to run proper classes. We have no air conditioning so we boil in summer and freeze in winter. We have had a bad odour which filters up through the building which has been nauseating, to say the least. We put up with these things as we felt we are where God wants us to be. We look regularly for new premises, but that is easier said than done, because of the radically reduced rentals. Also to have street access is not easy to find is at an affordable price. Frankly we would need either to be given a place or have to buy our own.

Our building has 18 floors and they are all empty. Today we have been advised that the owner of the building is going to seal up the premises and we will need to vacate the place. They are giving us time to look for new a place.

God has witnessed that we are clearly in His will and that He is in control of all things. We see this as an exciting opportunity for God to work something new and wonderful among us. We have many thoughts and ideas but need Gods clear Word on the matter as well as His guidance. We are again putting Matt. 6:33 into practice and ask that you join us in prayer. God has the answer.

We are praying for the following:

1) His guidance.

2) His provision.

3) His leading.

4) For God to give us a building

On a practical side if you know somebody or know somebody who knows somebody who has buildings in Johannesburg please get in touch with us. Also we are immediately setting up a building fund to cover the many extra costs we will have. We have allocated a separate account to handle this, details below, but if contributions are made to our normal account please advise us that it is for the building fund.

We will continue to keep you informed and thank you for your prayers.

Yours in Christ,

Trevor N Vosloo