The Road to True Freedom and Happiness

My name is Kevin Vosloo and this is the road that I travelled to true freedom, peace and happiness. I was brought up in a Christian family and as far back as I can remember my sister was a Christian too. I went to church every Sunday but as soon as I could I left my FATHER’S House (the church) and my parent’s home. I took on a life of alcohol, sex, drugs and rock & roll.  I tried drugs for a while and I used LSD, Ecstasy and Dagga. I found alcohol to be more sociably acceptable so I stuck to booze. I was a very angry person. I stole, lied, swore and even got violent to try and get things my way. I was always looking for true happiness and peace but never found it. I would drink if someone died I would drink if someone got married I would drink for any reason.

In this time my father would tell me that I should try turning to God. I was not interested and anyway what would my friends and wife say. I would like to add at this point I still believed there was a God in Heaven. But I was to busy with the things of the world to find this happiness.


In April 2012 my wife and I were both retrenched. After a short while things were looking pretty hopeless and I could not see a way forward. We were looking for work but nothing was coming up. Noeline my sister asked my wife and I to a meeting at Gospel Outreach, which we went to. The Lord did speak to my heart that day. But I decided no, God would not want to know me after 51years. My wife said lets go to church, maybe there is something we’re missing. Well we went quite a few times after that, always at my wife’s request. Every time we went God had spoken to me. Sunday 15 July 2012 at Gospel Outreach Carl Carmody spoke from John Chapter 3. God spoke again. I left it until Monday and organised to meet up with Carl. I was asked to just not a have a drink that day until I had seen Carl. We were to meet at 18H00 and at 17H00 I said to my wife lets cancel I need a drink, her reply was, it is not long now hang in there. Well I met up with Carl still and had not had a drink. I accepted the Lord as my personal saviour that night. There was another miracle that took place that night I was free immediately from alcohol. I had no craving, no side effects and no desire to drink. I thank God for that. I was told that God Loves me even though I did not really want to know Him all this time and He forgave me of all my sins. WOW.


I went home and started to have quiet time at least twice a day. I even started family alter at night with my wife. Up until I gave my heart and soul to the Lord the bible was just a bunch of words. Now it is a whole new book with so much to learn and it makes sense. In the first few days I notice I did not swear any more. I did nothing God did it all for me as I had prayed and asked Him. I have discovered peace, patience and joy in my life. It is now April 2013, I am still not working but God has been very good to me. I have had a few odd days work but not enough to cover the bills. There have been people who have on odd occasions deposited money into my bank account. We have been given food parcels and shown lots of love and care from many other Christian Brothers and Sister.

 How Satan tested me….


I have worked in the TV Industry for all my life. I got an interview at ITV NETWORK in November last year. I went for the interview to find it an Islamic TV network and I would be required to handle their prayers for broadcast etc. I turned down the job, as it would not glorify my God. I had another interview in February 2013 this was also for a church. I met with them on the Monday night and they said that money is not a problem and they would pay me what ever I wanted. But I had to go to meet the Pastor the next day in Soweto. I went there but before I left home I phoned my Dad Rev Vosloo and said pray for me about this job, as I felt uneasy about it. When I arrived there, the sound coming out of there was so loud. The minister arrived and there were 2 to 3 thousand people there already. She started saying something, I could not work out what she was saying but people were falling over, throwing up and spitting. There were others tying these people’s legs together and throwing their shoes out of the door. I left the building went to my car and prayed Lord if this is what you want I will stay. There was a clear message in my head GO, JUST GO, GO NOW. Then there was this other voice telling me to stay, this is the salary you need to get out of your financial problems. Well I went back into the church they were still falling about having there legs tied together, I then noticed a girl of about 13yrs and she was also falling about and spitting. I left, went to my car and phoned my Father (Rev Vosloo) I told him what was happening there and his reply was it is DEMONIC get out of there. I switched on my navigator to get directions home and it would not connect.  I pulled away and started to pray Lord help me to get out of here, as I don’t know my way out. Within seconds the navigator said turn right in 30 meters. God undertook for me then and he always will as long as I have faith and trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.


There are many other things that have happened to me and God has seen me through. Remember Satan likes to attack us at a weak spot. It could even be through your partner. I could share much more. You are more than welcome to contact me. But please find GOD now, don’t wait until it is too late, His return is near.

Should you to what to find this fulfillment please email us on



Greetings in Jesus Name!

Well we have not yet been able to secure new premises. Our equipment is all safely in storage. We have many agents looking for premises for us, but finances and or location have been of our greatest  problems so far. We are not discouraged as we know God has a perfect place for us. We have seen this time as the time God has given us to focus on Him and renew ourselves in Him. He has given us Isaiah 64:4 “For since the beginning of the world men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him.” We expecting great things. We are now free to put extra time in prayer for God to move upon us in Holy Spirit Revival power.  We are finding it true that those who wait upon the Lord renew their strength.

Thank you for your prayers, calls, emails we do so appreciate it and you. Please do continue to pray for us and support us.

We also have our first of 3 trips to Malawi to do training this month. We leave on the 25 April and return on the 9 May. Myself, Shelby Deatherage,Kevin Oakley and Micah Meurer will be traveling up together. We will travel through Mozambique so that we can also visit our branches there (currently 10). We will be, God willing, training 120 pastors and showing the Jesus Film and evangelising in the different villages. Please do pray for us. Here are some things to pray for: Safe Travels, protection from malaria, Jesus Film, souls to be saved, for the pastors we will be training. The region we
will be in we have about 50 churches and around 30 000 people attending. The potential of what God can do there is amazing.

Thank you all for your love and support over this time and phase in the life
of Gospel Outreach.



Trevor Vosloo