May Newsletter 2013

‘THIS THING IS FROM ME’ (I Kings 12:24)


‘FEAR NOT: I AM WITH YOU’ (Isaiah 41:30) 


 Our Dilemma:


What shall we say and do when our premises that we have been occupying for 20 years have been sold to an unsympathetic buyer who is now converting the whole building to residential rights?


We are without a place of accommodation and have been scouring the city for alternative premises without any success.  We have seen dozens of buildings and they are either unsuitable or way beyond our financial reach.  (Rentals of R40 000 or more per month).  In the meantime we have had to place all our furniture and equipment in storage, other than those matters that we need to manage our ongoing operation.


 Our Action:


There has been and continues to be much heart-searching and humbling before our God and this is accompanied by a consistent assurance that He has not left us in the lurch but is planning great and wonderful things.  We are appointed to prayer, which in the circumstances is the task we can and must do effectively.  The personnel who can manage, meet three times a week for joint Bible Study and prayer for a few hours and besides this we pray faithfully daily about every aspect of the work that is before us.  Our people are remembered by name before our Lord.  In the meantime we seek to retain contact with those of our people who have given us their telephone numbers.  We also appreciate those who in turn telephoned us with messages of encouragement.  Food parcels are still being distributed and also clothing as circumstances permit.  The sponsorship of our children is continuing.


It stands to reason that our faith is stretched to new limits and we are learning in a fresh way to walk in a disciplined manner with our Lord.  At the same time the Holy Spirit is clearly leading us into an ever-fresh and deepening experience of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is surely preparing us for His great work of grace in the City.


Thus there is no loss of courage at all but a confident expectation of the glorious intervention by our Lord who continues to assure us of His Presence and of His smile upon us.


 Our Conviction:


The glory and honour of our Lord is at stake and He is leading us forward in a new and very decisive war on the strongholds of evil in this City.


Our greatest need is not finance or a building but without a doubt the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  We continue to remind ourselves that it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord, that such things as need to be done, will be accomplished.  (Zechariah 4:6)


Our firm conviction is that Jesus Christ is our ‘building and finance’ and very much more than that.  He is our everything and on Calvary everything has been paid for as promised in His Word.  His grace abounds to us and He has continued to encourage us to lean on His abounding grace.


God has great plans and is fitting us into these.  He will entrust some of these plans to us, together with all that we need, but only under the power and Lordship of the Holy Spirit.  He is the One who will make all the glorious blessings in Christ real to us and we are expecting such manifestation as we have never encountered in all the ministry of Gospel Outreach.


In the meantime we see abundant blessings elsewhere under the flag of Gospel Outreach:


 Pastor Trevor has just returned from Malawi together with Pastors Shelby Deatherage, Kevin….. and Micah Meurer from the USA.  They went particularly to train workers and had as an audience over 100 workers both from Mozambique and Malawi.  They also did preaching and teaching elsewhere and showed the ‘Jesus’ film a number of times.  There were over 4000 responses to the presentation of the Gospel. 


We mention this as a sign of encouragement that the Lord has great plans for us and we are yet to see the beginning of the glorious execution of what He has in mind.




We are here in Johannesburg doubtless in the greatest testing that we have encountered in all the history of Gospel Outreach.  We are not unaware that we have been the target of satanic attack because of our faithfulness to the preaching of the Word of the Lord and glorifying only our Lord Jesus Christ.


We are absolutely assured of victory even right now.  We however encourage you to pray and praise with us.  In that way you share in the blessedness that is to come for we do believe that our Lord is already doing great things behind the scenes and these will be in evidence in the not-too-distant future.



With Warm Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ,