Prayer request

Greetings in Jesus name!
We have had a blessed past few months of ministry. With many awesome visitors on short term mission with us at Gospel Outreach. We had 3 VBS (Vacational Bible School) during this time with some 700 children attending. We have had over 550 responses to the Gospel also during that time.More are being added daily. Praise God.
In the book of Ruth chapter 1 verse 6 we find that God had visited his people and there was again bread in the land. We find Boaz saying to his workers to “Leave handfuls on purose” and we find them working the fields. This clearly points to a harvest. We have been workig the fields and God has given us “handfuls on purpose”. This also clearly points to a great harvest which is needed to be brought in before it rots. Truly the words of our Lord are true “The Harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.”
The words of Paul also ring so true:” For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.” We are facing many adversaries as our enemy, although defeated, is roaring like a lion seeking to destroy us as he is not happy with what is happening.
Please stand with us against these following adversaries:
1) Devil – his attacks and discouragement
2) Lack of staff – for God to add (Jarred, Megan, Gaye and others)
3) Finances – Historically going same way August and September are our tough months
4) That we can get to the harvest before Islam does – they taking many squatter camps.
Your prayers are cherished. God is at work ….JOIN HIM!!!!
Yours in Christ,
Trevor N Vosloo
Director: Gospel Outreach