Gospel Outreach and Hope Ministries Zimbabwe

It is with great joy that we announce an association between Gospel Outreach and Hope Ministries Zimbabwe. Dr Jabulani Mudenda is the executive director of Hope Ministries and Eddie Vosloo is the executive director of Gospel Outreach.

The purpose of the association is for the furthering of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Together we can facilitate each other to effectively reach people across Africa and strengthen each others hands.

This association does not anyway change the vision, leadership or day to day operations of either mission. However joint projects and co-operation between ministries will greatly help the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. We are excited to see what God will do.

Our first venture is GO HOPE CONFERENCE 2018. This is a Pastor Conference to be held, in South Africa from the 23rd to the 27th April. We are trusting to have this conference subsidized to help make it affordable for all to attend. We are hoping for 100 Pastors to attend.

The purpose of the Conference will be to encourage, strengthen and challenge the Pastors, with an emphases on a deeper walk with the Lord. Also a time for the different Pastors, from different countries, to network, have fellowship and be renewed in the Lord. Should you wish to get involved or attend please email us on info@gospeloutreach.co.za