Speaking to the Dead?

God willing our book on Speaking to the Dead? dealing with Ancestral Worship will be available in Zulu. There has been constant demand for this book in Zulu and by the grace of God it will be available at the beginning of January 2015. English copies are avaialable at R30 a copy.

Speaking to the dead (By Trevor Vosloo)

It has arrived!!! We are pleased to announce that we have finally received, from our printers, our book on Ancestral Worship. Trevor Vosloo, one of our Directors, has spent many years researching the subject of Ancestral Worship, that is consulting the dead in any form. He has also over the years lectured and preached on this all important subject and now has put all this knowledge into print.

The book is titled: SPEAKING TO THE DEAD ?  (Worshipping the Spirits of the Dead in an African Context)

The book has already been a blessing to many and has empowered Christian workers to effectively address this matter within their own ministries.
This is what some have already said about the book:

For those who love the people of Africa and who want to engage in reaching their
fellowmen for Christ – indeed for all who are involved in cross-cultural evangelism
and ministry in the African context – this handbook is an essential tool.

Rev Alan Sylvester
Retired Executive Director of OMS International ( South Africa )

Ngokukhohlisa kukaSathane abant’abakhonz’amadlozi bathi bakhonza abantu
bakubo asebafa ngoba bacabanga ukuthi sebeseduze noNkulunkulu, yibona
ababakhulumelayo.  Kanti iBhayibheli likubeka ngokucacile ukuthi munye
umlamleli phakathi kukaNkulunkulu nabantu.

uKrist’uJesu owazinikela abe yinhlawulo yabobonke, kube ngubufakazi
besikhathi esiyiso I Tim 2 v 5-6.

uJesu kuphela onamandla ukubakhulula abantu kulamandla obumnyama
ngoba lithi izwi leNkosi ngakho – ke uma indodana inikhulula niyakuba
ngabakhululekileyo impela John 8 v 36.  

Pastor Barney Mabaso
Tugela Ferry Mission

The author has spent many years studying this vital subject and has been a help
especially to those who are grappling with these problems.  I highly recommend
his writings to you, for your consideration, in the great challenge that we are facing
in our country in these days.  

Dr Harold Peasley
Multi Ministries

Should you require additional information on the book or would like to contact
the author to discuss the possibility of having him lecture/preach on the
subject please contact our offices.  

The book is also available at R20-00 a copy (excluding postage),
please contact our offices should you desire to purchase a copy.