We are constantly reaching out to the City of Johannesburg .

Our objective is Jo’burg for Jesus”,

it is not only our objective but our longing and prayer. We as a result constantly seek to reach out into the city of Johannesburg with the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Sunday mornings we have a small team going out in two’s to evangelise the surrounding blocks of flats. They present the Gospel and also invite the people to come to the Sunday service. These endeavours has yielded much fruit to the glory of God. We also distribute the Gospel of John with the way of Salvation in it together with an invitation to join our free correspondence course on the Gospel of John.

We also have at least 2 outreach meetings a week, Wednesdays at 10:00 and Thursdays at 13:10

All are welcome and these 2 services, as well as our Sunday Service,are all translated into Zulu.

What is amazing, shocking and exciting is the number of people found in the city of Johannesburg who have never had the Gospel of Jesus Christ presented to them (some had never heard of Jesus before coming to our meetings.. It is therefore a great challenge and privilege to be able to minister in Jo’burg.

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