Bible College

Gospel Outreach College of the Bible
Bible based and God glorifying studies. Our aim is not to give the student a head full of knowledge and an empty heart. Our aim is to train the student SPIRITUALLY without compromising the academic. Any body who loves the Lord, and wants to learn more about God and His ways and be better equipped to serve the Lord Jesus Christ is welcome to enroll.

Full Time Studies
(Saturday mornings)

Certificate in Discipleship
1 year course and covers the following subjects

Introduction to the Bible
Survey of the Old Testament (3 Modules)
Brief overview of each book in the Old Testament
Soul Winning
The Person and work of the Holy Spirit
The Person and work of Jesus Christ

Diploma in Discipleship
2 year course (includes year 1 above) and the following

Survey of the New Testament (4 Modules)
(Overview of each book as well as inter Testament period)
Heaven and Hell (Eternal Destinations)
Ancestral Worship (Including deliverance)
God the Father
Book of Romans

Certificate in Theology
Students who have successfully completed the studies
for year 1 and 2 can progress on and complete their
Certificate in Theology. The subjects include:

Gods plan of Salvation (3 Modules)
Eschatology (End Time events)
     (Brief introduction to Prophecy and possible order of events)
Homiletics (Art of Preaching)

For further information on the above courses or for enrolment forms and fees please contact our offices by phone.

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