How to study the Bible

It has been our experience that people in general battle to study the Bible. Where to start what to do, how does one do it? It is also true that regular Bible Study is often very difficult for people to maintain, despite the Lords words to us from Matt:4:4 “Man shalt not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

Here are some basic steps to help you develop the art of Bible Study and to help you grow in the Word of God.

  1. Get a notebook you can write your studies in.
  2. Take short passages, start either in Johns Gospel or Marks.
  3. Read the portion you going to study 3 times at least.
  4. Then write the following headings in your note book and write what you find under each heading


A) First Impressions (what my first thoughts about the Scripture are)

B) What does it tell me about God or His Word.

C) Is there a Promise (I can claim) is there a warning (I must take heed to)

D) Is there a teaching to take note of.

E) Is there a meaningful verse. (Underline it in your Bible and try memorize it)

F) How can I apply what I have learnt to my life.

G) Reword the passage into a prayer.

We do trust that these short guidelines will enrich your time you spend studying the Word of God. Please let us know if this has been of blessing and aid to you.

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