June Update

Dear Friends in Christ,

We are glad to give you a brief update on our present and immediate future activities:

Being school holidays we are very busy with our “Vacation Bible School” (VBS) meetings for children.

Last week we spent 4 days in Ennerdale and had peak attendance of over 300 children, while we also did street evangelism in the afternoon.

AT present we are running a 4 day VBS at Angelo squatter camp, and commenced with over 100 children on the first day. Here also street evangelism takes place in the afternoon. Thus far we have had a total of 24 favourable responses to the personal evangelism in the two areas.

Next week we shall do similarly in the Germiston area. Strongly backed in prayer, we continue to expect many souls to be won.

Special Upcoming Meetings at Germiston (All are welcome)

Sunday 7th July

Time 10:00

Evangelistic Meeting

Preacher: Pastor Rodgers Khoza – man greatly used of God

Sunday 14th July

Time: 10:00

Vision Sunday

When we shall give an overview of the gracious blessings on this Mission as well as the vision our Lord is placing before us for the future.

If you could attend these services we would be very pleased to welcome you. However, we trust that those, unable to come, would nevertheless be praying for the Lord to visit us in these times.

Thank you for your interest in the work of the Lord and for your faithful support.

Yours in Christ,

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