How to study the Bible

It has been our experience that people in general battle to study the Bible. Where to start what to do, how does one do it? It is also true that regular Bible Study is often very difficult for people to maintain, despite the Lords words to us from Matt:4:4 “Man shalt not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

Here are some basic steps to help you develop the art of Bible Study and to help you grow in the Word of God.

  1. Get a notebook you can write your studies in.
  2. Take short passages, start either in Johns Gospel or Marks.
  3. Read the portion you going to study 3 times at least.
  4. Then write the following headings in your note book and write what you find under each heading


A) First Impressions (what my first thoughts about the Scripture are)

B) What does it tell me about God or His Word.

C) Is there a Promise (I can claim) is there a warning (I must take heed to)

D) Is there a teaching to take note of.

E) Is there a meaningful verse. (Underline it in your Bible and try memorize it)

F) How can I apply what I have learnt to my life.

G) Reword the passage into a prayer.

We do trust that these short guidelines will enrich your time you spend studying the Word of God. Please let us know if this has been of blessing and aid to you.

Gospel Outreach College of the Bible

Our Soweto and Cosmos Campuses reopen on the 30 January 2016 while our Germiston Campus opens 6 February. Enrollment is open please email us on for more details.

In our Germiston Campus we shall be running a special stand alone course entitled: Understanding and Interpreting Scripture which has been widely used by God in Africa and Internationally. All are welcome to attend but enrollment is critical.

“Awake thou that sleepest”

“Awake thou that sleepest”


We have all been shocked at what has happened in our own country (South Africa) this week. Our President has gone insane it would seem destroying our beloved country even more. His decisions have weakened our currency, which seems to bother only the public and not our president nor the newly elected Finance minister. It also seem obvious that Jacob Zuma is wanting to introduce a dictatorship with him being the dictator (you fired if you oppose him). Yet corruption is at an all-time high. Crime is out of control. Yet nobody takes responsibility, not our president nor his ruling party.

The rest of the world is in not much of a better shape. Unrest, refugees, political uneasiness, corruption and even increases in shootings across the globe. Many countries are also facing financial ruin because of corrupt politicians. USA current debt is $16 trillion.

Anyone who follows social media will know that people are unhappy, wanting their president impeached or to resign. So much unhappiness and discontentment. So many petitions to have presidents fired, planned protest marches and the like are on the increase.

Yet our leaders are there because we voted them in. They are a reflection of our society, and our society is a reflection of what the church of God is like. After all we are the light and the social conscience of the world. Again if you on social media who will see the shallow Christianity which seems the norm. Christians making jokes about sin, saying if you love Jesus “like” means yes or share this post and you will be blessed. Shows great spiritual immaturity and spiritual darkness. The only ones swallowing the false prophet’s deceit and lying wonders are the so called ones who are supposed to be the light of the world…..Christians (The world has seen right through them). There is a serious problem in the Church of God.

No wonder “judgment must begin at the house of God”.

Church of God puts up with corrupt pastors, elders deacons and other leaders who refuse to repent. Churches put up with money loving pastors, spiritually ignorant leaders and then wonder why their country is what it is. After all it is written “people like priest” Hosea 4:9 Churches spend millions to build their empire just like our presidents and leaders yet, just like our leaders neglect the kingdom. We the Church of God is to blame for the state of our nation.


As much as the problem lies at the door of the church so does the solution.

Dear Christian awake from your slumber, turn from your sin… God for then and only then can healing come to a nation. Not through complaining or petitioning but by turning back to God.

If you would like guidelines on how you or your church can turn to God and put 2 Chr7:14 into practice please contact us on we would love to share with you that what God has taught us as we have put it into practice.



Greetings in Jesus Name!
God is good all the time, Hs ways are higher, greater, better than our ways. Sometimes His dealings with us are confusing, painful but always perfect and yields wonderful fruit in our life. Our God is amazing and the most amazing thing is, He wants a personal, intimate relationship with us. What a privilege and honour.
The year always starts with many challenges and difficulties, but as we have been trusting Him, He has lead us out and through these months, not somehow but triumphantly.
We have seen a number of people over the past few months making positive responses to the Gospel, and know that many more will respond to the Gospel over the next few months as we gain momentum in our outreach endeavours.
We have had disappointments as we had to distance ourselves from the Pastor in Cosmos due to his constant acts of dishonesty and lack of integrity. God has however, raised up others in the same area to replace him who have a real Passion for the Lord and for the Lost. We have also had disappointments of those making a positive response to the Gospel but not following through their decisions. This can get discouraging at times, our job is to remain faithful to the Gospel.
Praise God this past week we had 9 good responses to the Gospel and one of the ladies was ill and ask that we pray for healing. God healed right there on the spot, Praise God!
We have number of teams from overseas preparing to come and work with us in June and July. This requires much planning and prayer that we can be effective in the kingdom of God. We will have approximately 70 people with us over that period. We also excited to host 3 interns for that period of time.
Please pray for the following:
1) We urgently seeking premises for our church in Soweto, we being blocked from every side with red tape. We need Gods urgent intervention.
2) Upcoming Malawi mission trip (9-23 April). We going to train 150-200 pastors in the Southern tip of Malawi. These Pastors come from Malawi and Mozambique and have very little, if any, training. Please pray for us and them that God will use this time to raise these men up to serve Him and do great exploits for Him. We will be showing the Jesus film and doing outreach in the Villages, please pray that God will draw many to Himself. Please also pray for our safe travel by car and for Gods full provision for the trip.
3)Our church plants in Soweto and Germiston Ext.9
4)New Informal Settlements we have been asked to evangelise. Gods grace and mercy for the people and His wisdom to us on how to go about it.
5)Finances of the mission. One can never put a financial price on a soul, but it does cost to reach the lost. Pray that God will raise up people, churches to invest (partner) in His work that we may have the means to reach the lost.
Your love, prayer and support is greatly cherished,
Yours in Christ,
Trevor N Vosloo
Director: Gospel Outreach