Your Baby Needs You

Did you know that at just 18 days old, your unborn baby’s tiny heart starts beating? At week 5 brain waves can be detected. By 8 weeks into a pregnancy all of your baby’s organs are already present. After just 12 weeks your baby sleeps and awakens, turns its head, curls it toes and opens and shuts it mouth. They can hear your voice at 16 weeks. Your baby is living and growing and is depending on YOU for life!

Gospel Outreach stands against abortion. We understand the difficulties that pregnancy and children can bring, but we firmly believe that children are a gift from God and deserve every right to life.

Abortion is dangerous. It can have lasting effects on you spiritually, emotionally and physically. With physical side effects ranging from haemorrhage, infection and infertility and beyond, and emotionally side effects that can include guilt, anxiety and depression, there is a clear danger to the mother of an aborted child. But along with these physical and emotional symptoms, abortion can also cause major spiritual issues. Abortion leads to a lack of desire for God or an anger towards Him. They can cause a loss of joy and peace as well as a loss of the assurance of salvation.

You deserve better than this kind of life. And your baby deserves a chance at life.

The best news of all? God is able (and willing!) to forgive and restore those who have had an abortion and the doctors and nurses involved in the procedure. In His unfailing love, He always makes a way for us to come back to Him!

Pregnant? Worried? Suffering the effects of a past abortion?

Call on us today– Gospel Outreach provides whatever help we can for those in a crisis pregnancy situation, and for those in a spiritual crisis situation because of abortion as well.

No judgments made. No strings attached. Strictly confidential. We will help.

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